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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girl Talk 2/17/10

Several weeks ago I picked up this magazine at my chiropractor's office and read it while waiting and asked if I could take it home. He said of course and while reading it I was a bit astounded by the vulgarity in the publication but I was intrigued by this article on makeup and fragrances. So several days ago I thought I'd go shopping for some of the products mentioned that everyday women tested and liked or found fantastic.

I'm not a woman who wears nail polish at all because I can't keep a nail on these working hands if someone offered me a million dollars to try. I do my best but they'll never be model material! Trust me on this one. I don't wear red lipstick either and very few colors in pink attract me. If there's even a hint of yellow, which would make it turn orange on me, I don't buy it. It has to be a blueish pink for these lips. I do, however, LOVE fragrances. So I went to the Macy's fragrance counter and tested them on me and I liked the Michael Kors Very Hollywood but it was $85 I think. No way would I pay that when I can order the oils online for $7.99! And I did order MK's Hollywood and Marc Jacobs Lola, which I tried at the fragrance counter and liked but it was $65. I'm thrilled with MK's Hollywood. It smells citrus-y with a hint of white delicate flowers. I love it. I think most women would also. So here I go again being brazen or clueless—not sure which—with a scientific study for you gals. *Sigh*...

This is a photo of me taken today with only mascara on. I plan on showing the difference in about a month after using the products I did purchase so read on. I'll call this photo "Connie Uncovered"! I cannot believe I'm doing this.

First page of the article. The "X" means I'm not even considering it because it's either way too costly or I have no interest in it.

Second page of the article.
Third page of the article.
Fourth and last page of the article.

Now, I'm an easy maintenance chick and don't fuss a lot with much in the way of makeup and usually won't spend a lot on foundation so this is what I usually wear, but the Neutral is a bit dark for me so I'm switching to the Buff, which is a bit lighter. I'm very light. My granddaughter is even lighter but we're pretty close. My daughter has her dad's coloring and it's a tad darker than mine but she has beautiful skin. So I'm going to try this color and I do like Almay because it's so sheer. If anyone has a favorite makeup they like and would recommend, please let me know. I wouldn't mind trying something about which you're excited.

I'd never heard of this but if England went crazy over it and the women testing it raved so much about it I thought I'd try it for 4 weeks and see what happens to this old face.

I love this moisturizer a lot. I buy it at WM for about $20.

We'll see how this works. It was rated very high among the women.

I absolutely love the way this feels going on the skin. Very smooth and makes your face feel nice. It also helps with the foundation not seeping into the wrinkles as much. You younger women had better take notice because you'll be wondering about this pretty soon, ya know. ;-)