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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 11/25/2010

I'm most grateful this year for this little darling who chose to come to this family on earth. Her "do" is a bit frazzled today; after all, she just lies around on the floor all day. ;-) We'd trade her in for a more efficient model but we have high hopes for her and she's just so dang cute!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you today.

I'm thankful for a loving and kind Savior who loves me even though I fall so far short of his expectations (or maybe not, after all, He knows me better than anyone else in this world).

I'm thankful for a loving hubby who puts up with me no matter how nasty, mean, crazy, loudmouthed, obnoxious or unreasonable I get.

I'm grateful for my daughter and my son and grandchildren and for Miss Caroline who came to us fresh from Heaven this year. (She is getting more hair!)

I'm grateful for the health and stamina I DO have, especially when hubby told me recently—after complaining about my leg—to go sit down and count my blessings. What a man!

I'm grateful that I have a warm and cozy home and all the accoutrements it has inside like toilets, chairs, coconut pineapple cake(!), fridge, stove, bathtub which many in this world do not have.

I'm grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to each and every single person on this earth, even if they don't know it yet or choose to disbelieve it.

I'm grateful for 2 cars in my garage because I can remember not having ANY car and having to grocery shop with 2 babies in a stroller and a mile walk to the nearest grocery store.

I'm grateful there are brave young men and women who give up the comforts of home and family to go overseas and fight a war that keeps us safe from harm. I love these people, but especially the ones who never came back and the sacrifice their spouses and children made for their country. That is the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm grateful for the food we have knowing full well that other people in other countries aren't as blessed as we are. The U.S. is truly a very blessed nation and God willing will continue to be so.

Just a few things for eye candy and what I may be working on at the moment.

I hope your holiday is wonderful!