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Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Year's Christmas

If you've followed or read me since last Christmas, you've seen my first froufrou tree. We don't do Christmas anymore because there isn't one thing in this world I need and I have very few wants. Well, to be perfectly honest, I have a lot of wants; it's just that I've learned to bridle my wants and desires. Nothing in this world or out of this world compares to my hubby, kids or grandchildren or great grandchildren. They are what life is all about.

Hubby and I don't exchange gifts anymore. We buy for our youngest grandkids and will now buy for Caroline, our great granddaughter, but we've talked with our son and daughter and told them not to buy us anything. We don't need it! But once in a while when our daughter comes to visit I'll buy her a box of Good and Plenty and that's her gift. You have no idea how freeing it is. Being Christian, we celebrate it in church and during the day on Christmas but there isn't the need for us to buy gifts. We don't have the hustle and bustle others go through and at our age that's very important to us. So the season is very easy for us. We do have a Christmas dinner however. Love Bunny won't let me get around that. ;-)

So last year's photos are below for you to see. I just had a little Canon point and shoot back then so the pix aren't very good. But this year I hope to be able to do better photos with the Canon Rebel I got in February of this year. And when I do get it up, I'll photograph it for all to see. Our artificial tree is green and I don't know if I can talk hubby into a white one, but I'm gonna try! Again, we'll see. [Update! Since I wrote this blog post the very end of November, hubby insisted I buy a white tree. Squeeeeeal, I couldn't believe it. The other night we were at WM and he actually mentioned buying it. I am just thrilled. Now we have 2 choices each Christmas—white or green.] And since we downsized we have to move furniture in the living room around since hubby wants it by the front window. Sigh...

If you'll recall, I spent several weeks making, painting and buying pink and white things for this tree. Yards and yards and yards of tulle went into it. Flowers galore were purchased and hung on it. Gifts people have sent me went on it.

I later put some pretty boxes under it to look like presents, but they were all for show. There were NO real presents under it.

And I ended up making this little topper for it. It will go back on the tree again.

Merry Christmas and may your holiday season be wonderful and filled with love and the Spirit of Christmas. Ooooh, and since I'm feeling a lot better, I'll be posting more now. Aren't you just thrilled?! :-)