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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Old House

I'll be out of commission for the day - monday, so I'm leaving you this little post to read. I'm gonna have a few kidney stones blasted this morning. Most men ogle women because of their "chests" or "legs" or "rear end" but I got a guy who just can't keep his hands/eyes off my kidneys! Hah......Hoping I don't do anything "socially unacceptable" while under the anesthetic, chicks!

When we first thought of moving to this state it was just after the SF earthquake of 1989. We came up here and looked for a home to buy and there really wasn't much for sale at all. But we finally settled on this huge home. It was almost 5,000 s.f. with 4 car garage on a acre, most of which was on a hill. We later sold it as that much house for 2 people was simply too hard to take care of as we aged. This is the living room with a library off to the right, a huge coat closet on the left with a stone entry at the front door just behind that coat closet on the left. It had 3 covered patios, huge windows, large kennel and a large garden area. The stone fireplace took up an entire wall and had an indoor planter to the left of the fireplace. That room alone was about 19' x 26'.

This was the approach to the back entry and garages. We closed in the last garage for a tool shed. You could turn a huge Mayflower moving truck around in that driveway with no problem. We know because they did when our furniture arrived!

This is that driveway and our view from our back windows. An 80 year old couple lived in that house and thought of us as their kids. I loved that old couple.

This is what they saw when they looked out their front window. It was its own little neighborhood. There were 6 of us on this little road off another road. Turning off the street running in front of our house, up a very short incline you could go left or right. Left taking someone up around to our back. I loved the privateness of it. The 2 town doctors, a dentist, this retired old couple and a wealthy produce grower lived in this little area with us. A bit secluded but friendly.

Oh btw, a few people have emailed asking about my food storage and I thought I'd post a picture of how I had it in our old house we moved from 3 years ago. This was in our basement and you're looking at about 1/4 of the basement here. You're looking at about 1/2 or maybe a little more of the storage items since some of the items are out of camera range to the left. This is just canned and dried items. The freezers are out of sight also. Paper and household items are the third photo down.

Those buckets have dried carrots, onions, potato flakes, sugar, beans and flour in them.