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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grocery Shopping and Mommy Teasers

I went grocery shopping by myself today. I'm tired of th' Love Bunny grabbing my cart and trying to prevent me from killing/running over/maiming a shopper! I made him stay home. The problem with sending him alone with a grocery list with 5 items and he arrives back home with 8 is I told him to stick to the grocery list and NOT get a thing else not on the list. Never, ever happens. You've heard this story before but I've now decided it's time to go it alone. Sheeeesh!

When we were at my granddaughters a couple of weeks ago for the birth of her second child, I taught Caroline, her 2 1/2 year old a new thing—cover your ears and wag your tongue while saying lalalalalalala. She took to that like a menopause woman takes to chocolates! Her dad looked at me and I gave him the look that said, "Forget it; I'm doing my own thing with her whether you like it or not." He acquiesced and I think it's because he thought it was cute. What Dada wouldn't?! LOL BUT I also told her to tell her mummy afterwards: Mummy teaser (this to lighten the occasion). And every time we'd practice it, she'd say "mummy teaser." I instructed her well.

Well, a few nights ago, I called granddaughter to see how the girls were and asked if she had done it to her. She said, "Yessss!" Just the night before Caroline said she didn't want to eat the dinner and after a few "back and forths" she covered her ears and said, "Lalalalalala." She said she didn't like the dinner and wanted pear sauce (we get that here at our local Church cannery and it's delicious and Caroline's favorite dessert.) I asked if Caroline said, "Mummy teaser." Nuuuuuu she didn't. I said, "Oooooops." I'll have to correct her error next time we go over. She is one of the smartest kids I know (All grandmothers/great grandmothers say this!). She never forgets something we tell her. I think she was just full of herself at the dinner table that night. But that will NOT stop me from teaching her funny things. ;-) We're humorous and her mom and dad did laugh at her.

I guess you know by now I was looking at a plethora of sofas and accessories a LOT while trying to decide on a sofa for our home. These are two that I love. Actually, I love that whole room.

Romantic roses in a rustic setting. Adorable.

A cute tea cart.

A place I know most of you would love to go visit. Me? I'll stay here and watch th' house for ya! ;-)

Another little jar I'd love to have.

Are these adorable or what?!

Looks like a place in a Scandinavian country.

Pretty basket of tiny pillows.

I do love this living room also. What a cute coffee table.


More decorated bottles.

I might even cook more if I had this kitchen. Cute!

There's enough froufrou here for me. I love froufrou!

While this is adorable, it sure doesn't make for pleasant conversation at the table if none of the guests can see each other. Love it for its "darling-ness" though.

Imagine. ;-)