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Monday, April 13, 2009

Food Storage

With our economic crisis in this country I thought I'd bring up something very important. Food storage. Yes, it never hurts to be prepared. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have been told for decades to get a year's supply of food and other essentials such as you would need if hubby lost his job or in the event of a catastrophe. It's an excellent idea. I started doing this when I joined the church 15 years ago. Our food storage was destroyed in a flood in our house in the basement. It took me only a couple of months to replace it. I cannot tell you how we have been blessed for having this food. It is a promise from the Lord that if we are prepared we need not fear. It is a foundation of our church to be prepared spiritually and temporally. I am prepared temporally and working on the spiritual side.

This is a shelving system we recently purchased to help us rotate our canned foods better. It is called Shelf Reliance and they have these and dried foods and such for emergencies. Hubs and I have a 72 hour kit in our house for each of us in case we would need to evacuate our home in an emergency. If you doubt there can be an emergency in your area I'd remind you of the people in New Orleans for that devastating hurricane, Iowa for floods and the northeast and east with snow and ice storms. You just never know. Be prepared!

This is a new water storage tank that will hold 200 gallons of water. A man displayed the prototype at a Preparedness Fair our stake had last september. We ordered one and got it a couple of weeks ago. With all the snow we couldn't bring it in and fill it but we will soon. Cost: $180.00. Great deal. It's about 36" round and 6' tall. Easily stored and easy to fill, shows how much water is left and can get it out of the spout on the bottom.

These are two 50 gallon food grade drums we've used for several years for water storage. We'll sell these on Craigslist since we won't need them any more.

Okay, this was our food storage in our old house about 50 miles away from us now.

My "storage" included toilet tissue, toothpaste, shampoo, plastic wrap, laundry soap, bath soap, motor oil, fabric softener, oil for lamps, hard candy for times of stress, tuna in cans, rice-a-roni, vinegar, salt, pepper, olives, just about anything and everything you'd use in a year. Any and all the food we would normally eat. Those buckets have dried carrots, onions, flour, sugar and dried potatoes in them. We had 3 freezers with meat and frozen items in it but sold 1 freezer as we didn't need it any more. Our freezer is stocked with frozen food also.

Yeah, yeah, I overdid the canned tomatoes one year and have to give some to some needy families but I had it to give and was glad to help others.

Ooooh, and this picture??? I was practicing with my digital zoom and looked down at the grass. I zoomed in 15x and got this great pix of the new blades starting to shoot up. I'm jazzed, chicks!!