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Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Rooms from the 1990s

Remember I told you I'd post more pictures from that catalog of rooms from the 1990s? Here is the first of many room settings. Also remember that I'm photographing them because scanning that many photos is a lengthy process and some of the photos were huge - much bigger than the scanning surface.

Anyway, this is what was called American Country. Personally, I love American decorating. It encompasses so many cultures - American, English, French, West Coast Californian, Tropical, Southwest, Northwest, Formal, Elegant, Contemporary, Modern, Shabby, Romantic.......all of them! Even sloppy teenage decorating. ;-)

So here is the living room that I absolutely love because of the pink/red and yellow combination. It's my favorite color combo. Then you'll see the bedroom and dining room. I LOVE this style, but my favorite is still the living room from Pink Saturday.


This is my family room in another disarray! As hubs said today (as I was suggesting places and looking for a corner to put it in), "There aren't any more corners in the house to put it; you've got something in every one of them, Connie." It is currently holding just about anything and everything that doesn't have a place yet. I didn't have anywhere to put this trellis but behind the sofa. I plan on "doing something" with it but I'm a bit tired from nailing more holes in the wall today that I'll have to think on it a bit. I'm a tad dangerous with the hammer and screwdriver at this point, chickees!