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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Parties

A few years ago I was invited to a Scentsy party by a woman in our ward. I had no clue what Scentsy was so I declined. When I joined the Church some years ago I was invited to every home party you can think of: Princess crystal, candles of every kind, Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, lingerie, Pampered Chef, jewelry, etc. You name it and I received an invitation to it. I wondered if I had fool written across my forehead. Oh, I'd be polite and buy something, usually the cheapest thing on the list just to get out of there. But it didn't take long for this fool to get wise. I finally declined after a friend and I had enough stuff from those parties to start a new home. Truthfully, I was just trying to be nice and try to fit in a new place, church, etc. It wasn't my usual habit to attend home parties like that. I started declining the invitations and when I moved here 6 years ago I made it clear that I was fully stocked on anything they were selling and didn't do home parties. That's worked out well.

Then one day about 2 years ago now I had a doctor's appointment with a doctor and his reception room smelled wonderful. I asked the receptionist what it was and she said Scentsy and showed me the warmer and how to change the wax and all about it. I was sold and worked diligently to find a Scentsy representative. And as they say, I've never looked back. Noooooo, I do not and will not sell it, but I tell anyone who will listen how great this stuff is. And the headquarters for it is right here in Idaho, just down the road about 10 miles. Even better. I can support my state's own economy.

So if you've never heard of it, let me be the first to tell you it's the best, cleanest way to scent your home. I LOVE it! And I think you would also. I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed at all. They are simply wonderful. I get NO compensation for telling you anything here.

I have a plug-in in my living room.

And a full size warmer in my kitchen, which actually transfers fragrances pretty much all over our home.

These are just some of the fragrances. I believe there are over a hundred of them and I've smelled them all. My favorites are:

Lush Gardenia - oh, you'll not believe how wonderful it is.
Clean Breeze
French Kiss
Enchanted Mist
Inner Peace
Pima Cotton

Those scents more than any others just make your house smell good naturally—just a fresh clean smell. I like the baking scents also, but I don't buy them because I don't want people to think I'm baking. I hate baking!! Or cooking! ;-) Just want it to smell good and my granddaughter has told me she wants her house to smell just like mine. I gifted her with a full size warmer and a plug in while we were there recently and she was thrilled. When you grandchildren notice your house smells so good you know you're doing something right.

Just a few of the scents:

Just thought you'd like to see a new one I really like. Pretty blue and brown.

My full size one is the Renaissance one below. They have them in all colors and every single decorating style you can imagine.

French, Italian, religious, sports, military, beachy, whimsical, woodsy, everything.

These are coming out the first of March and I guess you can see which ones I'll be buying for th' house, right? I can't wait.

Just thought this was a gorgeous shade of blue also. Claudia, are you listening? I know you love blue.

Pamper yourself. Go buy one.