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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gifts of Roses!

I made a decision earlier this week and I'm only going to be posting every 2 days now. I love blogging but other things are becoming more important. :-)

I recently received a surprise in the mail!! Just take a look at these gorgeous faux desserts created by my sweet friend, Miss Rhea. Go visit her Giveaway for fabulous pastries. You really don't wanna miss it, chicks!!!

And my own initial "C" is now hanging over my antique school desk - painting desk - now!!
A satin and velvet hanger. Woooooeeeeee!!
Yes, I've named her Rhea and she sits in my living room on a sofa table - proudly!

Vintaaaaaaaaage wallpaperrrrrRRRrrr!!!! Yesssssss, isn't that so kind of her. I just love it and will do something special with the wallpaper soon.
:-) <-------me with a huge grin on my face!

These I ordered from the internet and they came. I'm putting them all around the room. When I say "girly-girl room" I mean a girly room!!! I ain't wimpy 'bout it, chicks; I go all the way. I have 50 and the leftovers will go into other rooms after they are painted. This can take a couple of months though. I don't have the energy to do the whole house at once. I'm an ol' chick, ya know!! ;-)

I was truly blessed this day. I live a "charmed" life, my sweet cherubs!!