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Monday, October 5, 2009

Winner of Giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway for the princess apron is

Charo of Atelier de Charo

So please get in touch with me with your address, sugar, and I'll get it in the mail to you as soon as I can. Congratulations!! Thank you to all who have joined in this giveaway. Of course, you know I'll have another one down the line, right?!

This now belongs to you Charo.

White Linens #3

Again, I love white linens. And I decorate with them lavishly. I don't have a huge collection—far smaller than most collectors but I don't need that much and I put them to use. They don't just decorate the insides of drawers! I use them. I'm not especially a matchy-matchy type of person. I use different kinds on different shelves. (The shelves below are not mine, but alike in what I do with snippets of lace or old pillowcases that have become thread-bare for using on beds anymore.
I've bought shelves at Home Depot and put them up in my family room, office and in the bathroom, but I covered them with lace on the edges to soften the "contemporary" look and feel of them and give them a more romantic feminine appeal. Love Bunny loves it, or at least he doesn't care enough to fight me on it. Actually, he wouldn't dare because we all know who would win that battle. ;-)

Yes, indeed, I actually have ribbons around some of my linens and towels. It just gives them a feeling of luxury in my guest bathroom.

You can even cover up a cheap or abused table with a cloth and make it look glorious, beautiful and majestic with only that small elegance.

Nothing need be said about white covers on sofas, love seats or chairs. They wash beautifully, no ironing and stains bleach right out when little children are involved in making the messes. :-)

This picture just makes me feel good: roses shedding their divine, glorious petals.