My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Maria is my friend and masseuse. I met her several years ago at Massage Envy. I asked for a deep tissue massage and got her one day. She's one of the best I've ever had. She knows my body well. But we are also sisters of the heart. She's from Mexico and a religious person like me, though not of my religion. She has 2 daughters who have given her 2 grandchildren.

Maria is lovely and has a gorgeous and sweet heart. Her life has not been easy and she suffers from depression. But I loved her from the first massage. She's intuitive. I tell her what's hurting and she fixes that hurt. Once I told her I was having a problem with my stomach I believe it was as that was several years ago. After she did a special thing to my stomach, it wasn't hurting! She is truly amazing. She is one of the most amazing women I've ever met and is in the top 5 of best masseuses I've ever had. All five I speak of are great, but in different ways. I don't think I could get through some days if I didn't treat myself to regular massages.

Maria is working at another place now and I'll follow her. She wants more freedom to use oils and such but also other techniques she likes to use. I'm excited for her. If you've never tried massage, I recommend it highly. I feel so much better after having one that I feel like a new person.

A beautiful display of flowers from a lovely balcony.

I love the tablecloth draping on the floor. Sometimes I think I'd like one to drop to the floor but I love the scroll of the legs of my dining table and the claw foot at the bottom so much that I'd hate to cover it up though.

The white flowers I find stunningly beautiful amassed together as that. I don't know what kind they are as I'm pathetic at horticultural names. I once read a book about a landscape designer with 2 boys and her boys knew the Latin names of all the trees and flowers instead of the popular names. What a treat to be taught by a mother like that!

A heavenly haven for a walk or picnic or just to sit on a bench in here from the sun.

I love these old tins and the glass bottles of soda pop. I got one recently at World Market with a rubber top with wire that can be snapped back on fizzy or carbonated drinks. I love it for my Henry Weinhard's Roob Beer, the very best in the world!

A simple contrast in whites in this light-filled kitchen.

This reminds me of a Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego we used to frequent. We loved sitting under banana leaves in the hot sun and eating.

A most striking table setting with fantastic pink roses and stemmed glassware.

Another sweet getaway in a home where pink is a favorite color.

While this room looks more like something a man would like, I find it very appealing to my sense of aesthetics.

That white curved sofa is gorgeous!!!! I'd love one like it.

Cute wire basket with six places for glasses filled with roses. I wonder where these can be bought. I'd love to have a couple.

Another dream kitchen with lots of fabric embellishment along with pretty things strewn around the kitchen counter tops and island.

Oooooh, my! Yes, it's a beautiful hallway with beautiful rooms off the entrance to a lovely home.

Some woman has taken some lovely jewelry and made it into...whatever this gorgeous thing is called. I don't know, but it sure is stunning.


More than half of all doctors in Finland are females.
[I once read Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. In that book he told how women are encouraged to become doctors in Russia because it is considered a second-rate job and very low paying, extremely low paying and not prestigious at all. It's a tough book to read but I recommend it.]