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Monday, June 9, 2008

Rose Garden & Chippy Frame

Today is a 2 post day. But wouldn't you know it, just when I go out to photograph the roses, the sun decided to hide behind clouds!! Aaaaacckkk!! I'm just going to post them anyway so you can see what we can grow here in the western deserts.

First of all, look at the shabby and chippy frame I found today in a store in Boise. It's not vintage but looks like it and that's all I truly care about. I think I'll take out the mirror and put in a foam or cork board for another message board or just a frou-frou-y type board to hang tags or gorgeous things on it. I'll show the finished product soon.

You really need to click on each of the roses pictures to get an idea of how beautiful they are. Now, I know everyone has seen beautiful roses but this is an accomplishment here in the desert and especially with hubby doing the "growing." He's putting down weed plastic so he can put more bark down out front. I threw in a picture of some pretty pansies and a rhododendron that is struggling for survival here but I think it's going to make it. Not like what we could grow in California though.

The last 2 pictures are of a little mosaic table I got for a song today! I just love it. Wouldn't you know though that the store we went into had a woman hubby knew and he introduced us when I had barely run a brush through my hair and no makeup on at all?!?!?! I wanted to crawl into a hole, but she was nice and carried the table up to the front of the store for us.

Hubby and His Ties.....egads!!!!!!

Hubby and I went to Boise today for a trellis - 2 actually - for the back yard patio. Still trying our best to get it romantic and usable, which is quite a feat in this desert. Anyway, we made a side trip.

He bought some ties. Now, you have to understand that anything and everything is worthy of a photo shoot to me: dinners, veggies, roses, "toes" recovering from surgery and even TIES!!! Yesssss........ties!!!!

Below in the first photo is his selection today. I love ties but mine are much more "flamboyant" than his. In the second and third photo are my selections over the years. He has many more but I'm just showing you a few to give you the idea. Some of them are out of date in style but who cares. They'll come back in style soon..........probably..........hopefully. My absolute favorite is the one with roses on it. I bought it for him at Macy's years ago. I saw it on the mannequin with a checked or plaid shirt - can't remember now - but I bought him the shirt and the tie. He's not concerned about being "macho" (especially worthy of note is that he is a retired Marine!) and will wear anything I buy him. Now, that's a brave man!

But they are all gorgeous! My opinion anyway! Besides, it is, after all, our 47th anniversary today! Now, for a night of.............well, I'll leave it to your imagination....... HAH!!!!

Oh, I'll post my purchases later today or tomorrow. I got the prettiest vintage roses chippy shabby mirror frame and a cake plate and a box........... just wait and see!!!