My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pink Saturday

I'm truly sorry but these last few weeks with the remodel has left me without a pink item to show except for the pink in this room. I'm getting the house back in order and today I mopped the floors and it felt sooooo good to walk across the vinyl in the baths and kitchen without something jabbing me in the foot (I did step on a tacky strip where we peeled back the carpet and it BLED!) Do I hear some "ooooh, ouch, chickie"?! Maybe you could send me some chocolate! That might help......sob....sniffle. Oooooo, yeah, definitely chocolate!!! ;-)<----- smirky wink!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my all-time favorite room. In 1997 when I was looking to buy a new sofa (Yes, it's the one in my living room now and looks as good as when I had it delivered.) I journeyed to Ethan Allen in Boise. The sales lady gave me one of their catalogs. I perused it when I got home to help me decide and came across this room. I almost expired on the spot!! Truly, I don't think there is another room that captured my heart so much as this one. I counted 10 different fabrics in use in that room and just fell in love with everything about it. The tufted white sofa, the drapes and mix of different pillows and one with the family crest perhaps(?), the white wrought iron tables juxtaposed with the french country coffee table, the old vintage books lying about on the table, the mullioned windows, the fresh bouquet of roses, the portraits of ancestors perhaps, the requisite globe, the lovely carpet, the throw to warm you in the cool evenings, the staffordshire lamp, the comfy chairs, the kilim fabric on the footstool by the fireplace grate (mostly "hinted at" in this photo as the observer cannot see it, but surely there is one there!), the old wood paneling, the window seat where you can wile away the snowy winter afternoons and the look of the room - as if it had been collected over a lifetime of the owners. That's the look I'd like to capture in my home. Of course, our "stuff" has been collected over our 47+ years but it certainly isn't as elegant as this room. But my home is my home: a mixture of old, new, shabby, english, country with a shadow or hint of formality, romantic, flowery, roses, pink and ME - Connie. That look I have down "pat"!! :-) AND you MUST enlarge the pix to view it properly!!!!!! And I'll show you another room from that catalog sunday. I think you'll like that one also. :-)