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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trash Talk in Today's World

I recently was looking for some carafes on the internet for a luncheon I wanted to give so I perused several websites finding them. In my search I found one that offered mugs with what I consider filthy language. The mug was stamped with "Have a f*ing good day". There were other mugs with trashy talk on them also. I was stunned because this is a very popular store—both at malls and online. I'll not be shopping at any of their stores again. We don't use that kind of language even though it's commonplace among adults and teens today. We're pretty clean mouthed and I refuse to talk trash even if most of the population does. It's getting ugly out there! What is happening to decency any more? Someone has to stand up for right and tell people they won't tolerate that kind of language. Hubby did.

Back when we lived in California, he was working with a man who was a customer of hubs' large computer related company. The man called him one day and started spouting obscenities. Hubs warned him if he uttered one more obscene word, he'd hang up on him. He did and hubs hung up the phone. The customer called the head of the company and complained. The head of the company came to hub's office and tried to get him to call the man and apologize. He refused and said he'd quit before he would do that. The customer must have been informed because HE called hubby back and apologized for his language. It just shows you how they realize they're in the wrong. But hubs will not tolerate filthy language around him and will walk out of a conversation that includes it.

Stand up for right!

Off my soapbox so on with looking at delicious pictures.

See how those little hanging lanterns teamed up with a lace tablecloth can make a delightful tent for an afternoon, either for you or the little munchkins.

That BoHo look again. I'm not a devotee of it though.

I like this little pink tin and have looked all over the internet trying to find one with no success. If you know where some are, please let me know. I think they're adorable.

This is an adorable living/family room.

Another "cool" looking living room. Looks like it might be in Florida because they have a lot of tile floors there. Californians like their carpet!

Another innovative tent hideaway. How do they think of these darling ideas?

If I have stairs, I'd do this exact same thing. It's darling with that shelf displaying what would be empty space in most homes.

Stiletto heels meet the legal definition of a lethal weapon.
Photos courtesy of pinterest and tumblr.