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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ridiculous Things I Hear about Mormons

When I started blogging, I had on my sidebar my Mormon logo. I kept getting emails from some pathetic little person, who always posted anonymously, nasty remarks about being a Mormon. He/She said I was going to hell. I needed to repent. It was an evil religion. I got tired of his/her antics and just deleted all the nasty comments and chose to moderate every single one after that. No way was I going to publish something so evil. They finally gave up harassing me. I felt sorry that someone is so pathetic that they would have to harass me about my religion. I never, ever harass anyone about theirs. If that's what makes you happy, then go for it. But most people have no clue what my religion is about and what we do. I've had the weirdest questions asked of me.

I've been told so many things that people hear about us and I refute them of course. When I want to know about someone's religion, I ask them. Someone told me that heard we have to shower in our underwear. Ooooh, really? Well, hubs and I don't. We wash them in the washing machine just like everybody else.

Another person said we can't eat chocolate, that it's forbidden. Then I'm going to hell because I eat chocolate just about every single day.

They say we have to give money to our church. It's called tithing, people, tithing and yes, I tithe. I also Fast the first Sunday of each month and give the amount of money we would spend on 2 lunches and dinners eating out to our Bishop called Fast Offerings. He gives that money to people in our ward who are struggling to make ends meet. Well, not the actual money, but food that money would buy or pays their mortgage/rent/utilities, etc. The ward we're in is an affluent ward—NOT because of me and th' hubs, trust me—and can alleviate some of the suffering because of the less fortunate in this horrid economy. So our religion puts its money where its mouth is. I'm sure other churches offer help to their congregations also. I am just more familiar with ours since before I joined this Church I never attended the church into which I was born.

Others have said we do evil things in our Temples. No, we don't. Trust me! People who have never, ever been to a Temple say these things. I just don't get why people who have never been in one will tell me what we do in them. I go to the Temple and can tell you truthfully, they're sacred places and no shenanigans go on in there.

When a new temple is being built or being refurbished, the whole city is invited to attend before its dedication. If that is happening near you, I suggest you go and attend and see how beautiful and serene they are. You're welcome to go!

A friend of mine was dating a guy in high school and he was always feeling her head. Finally, one day she asked him why he did that. He said he wanted to feel her horns. He had heard Mormons had horns! Can you believe that? Boy, did we get a good laugh out of that. Horns??? I don't have any, just fluffy hair. It truly amazes me the stories people tell me about my religion. Non-members! If you want to know about being a Mormon, ask a Mormon. We'd be glad to tell you our beliefs.

Yep, just come on over to my house and we'll have a nice, fun chat and I'll even feed ya my delicious chicken salad sandwiches, but let me know before you do because I'd have to hide my hubby's other wives before you come. Just give me notice. ;-)

Imagine awakening to this view every morning.

While pine cones are associated with Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, I don't see why we can't use them all year round as decorations. These are very pretty, but take away the holly and evergreen and add other things that aren't seasonal for winter and you've got a pretty door hanger for any occasion.

Beautiful handles on vintage knives.

Do you think any kids in this family dive from the balcony and try to hit the water? Makes one wonder.

A quintessential craftsman house. I particularly like the red geraniums with the yellow shakes.

Kids' spot!

Some things don't need words.

I'll never, ever throw away a funnel again!

Pretty pink glasses.

Inviting stairs to an entry.

Another kids' spot. Or even a mom's getaway! Cute.

Fit for a queen.

I would take those white doors in a heartbeat. Pretty.

Just pretty eye candy. Love that tote though!

I call this "The Tiny Cottage in the Woods."

Lovely setting.