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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fabric, Paper and Ribbon

Just wanting to mention to those of you who haven't seen my laundry room that the new "Pages" at the top of my blog just under the banner and entitled "My Home" includes the photos of my laundry room, which you just might find interesting. ;-)

On th' rose kick again, chicks. Just trying out different things I can do with them really. These are what I've come up with. I may try selling them on etsy though. Every single one is a different rose unless I mention that it's NOT or they are in groups. I don't remember how many I've made the past few days. DUH!

Back of the above lolli. I love pink and red together.

I call this one my "grunge shabby froufrou" lolli. ;-)

Backside of one above.

I call this one "majesty." Pink ostrich feathers and a rolled fabric rose. I also put a pink crystal on it.

The back has another rolled rose made of iridescent fabric.

And this one is another paper rose I'm experimenting with at the moment.

And one in pink.

Again, these are made from coffee filters.

My absolute favorite one so far. It's really beautiful for a paper rose.

These are NOT really orange but are simply too close to the camera but I've got to hold it while taking the picture and that's pretty much CLOSE.

Now, these are the ones I dipped in food coloring but later I added yellow watercolors around the edges. I just dipped the brush in the watercolor and dragged it around the edges. No right or wrong way to do it, just practice to get the effect you like best.

Two with the yellow edging. Each one will turn out differently.

This one I edged in darker pink—almost magenta edging. Gorgeous in person!

This one I painted with acrylic paint around the edges. It turned out really lovely.

This one came out blurry and I knew it would because I was taking it in my studio (I've decided to call my craft room my studio) without much light plus I sort of moved when I clicked the shutter button and the settings were too low but after I downloaded it to my iPhoto I liked the soft ethereal look of it. I thought I'd just show you along with the better photo of it. Call me silly. ;-) But this one I used acrylic paint on it.

Here's the one where I didn't move.