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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Pink and White Stripe Curtains!!

Okay, I lied. I wanted these pink and white stripe curtains—actually, they're more a cream color as you can see—and I have a lot of discretionary income this month and decided to treat myself. But first hubby had to get new eyeglasses. Then I was on a roll! :-) It's looking like more things may be in my future. Looking for pillows. Maybe I should wait until I get the new sofa. Hmmmm.

Of course, they look much better in person than in these photos.

Love Bunny cut some fresh roses for a bouquet today. He really is good with roses.

Closeup of a gorgeous rose.

This chicken coop belongs to my friend, Stacy. She built it herself. She's multi-talented mom. She's also a professional photographer and got a huge job recently doing the corporate photos for Big Al's new family entertainment center coming to Meridian. Sixty six thousand square feet of eating, bowling, family arcade, sky boxes, three dining areas and a viewing screen 15' x 55' for games. She almost fainted when she got word she had the winning bid. I have more faith in her than she does!

This small bedroom is adorable.

A small kitchen with a lot of pizzazz.

A tiny bath made cute and workable.

I just love the colors of these kitchen items. Very cheery.

I don't think I would ever have thought of a dresser in a living room but I really like this idea.

A small cottage by a stream in the woods.


Pretty eye candy window/balcony.

I so want this!

Is this the cutest bakery you've ever seen? I wish we had one around here. I truly do. Idaho is so far behind other states in this sort of thing, but we are getting a lot more upscale things here. I think it's the influx of Californians coming over to escape the high taxes. That's why we moved here.
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