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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Recent Monday for Pink Saturday 1/27/10

It's another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of HowSweetTheSound. Please go and visit all the participants and enjoy yourself. And yes, I did visit several new ones last week but for the life of me I can't remember which ones. I'm losing it, gals.

Okay, so I'm ever changing the way the house looks! You got a problem with that, chicks? No? Good! Because on a recent monday I got the "bug" to redo some things here.

Remember this post where I had to move in the exercise bench? Gone. Yep, outside on the back porch waiting on someone to call from Craigslist or it'll go to a thrift store. I've only used it a couple of time but I do the exercises my chiropractor recommended with a big ball and rubber tubing so I didn't need it. OUT! Thus, it made room for an etagère from my living room. That started this chain of events.

Everything off the shelves of one bookcase in the family room. Notice my exercise ball in the corner by the sofa. Oooooh, and for those of you who have asked where I got that green and white ticking stripe slipcover, it's no longer available. I purchased it about 4 years ago online at Touchstone but they don't have slipcovers anymore. It is very unique, and I've washed it many times, and it fits so well I was sorry I couldn't find it anymore to recommend to all of you who have emailed asking about it.

And then move that bookcase into the living room.

Leaving a vacant spot in this corner. It will soon be filled with pictures on the walls though.

What a mess!

Much better after straightened and cleaning a bit. I changed the pillows from another room to here. My box of crayons is on the bottom shelf of the mosaic table I stole...uhhh, borrowed from my daughter on one of our trips back to California last year. I love to color in books.

This wall definitely needs something after moving one of the bookcases to the living room. I have shelves and artwork I could put here but just not sure what I want to do with it at the moment.

These Baker chairs have been upholstered 3 times. I love the chairs: soft, cushy and extremely well made and showing no signs of wear after 25 years so I'll keep them. I had them covered with quilts because they didn't look too shabby chic, but now I'm thinking they go just fine. I ordered 2 chair covers online but sent them back as I didn't like the way they fit. I think they go well because as Rachel Ashwell says kilim goes well with shabby chic. Isn't that what it's al about: mixing and "MIS"matching? I think it is. The chairs are a pale green, pink and lavender as you can see in the photos below this one. I absolutely love those chairs and they will probably be here long after I'm gone.

This one is Love Bunny's and yes, I can definitely tell which one is mine and which one is his just by sitting in it. The cushions have molded to our "bottoms"! Noooooo, really they are feathers inside and we can fluff them up a bit but they are really stuffed tightly.

I'm thinking of a making a new cover for the ottoman though. I doubt I'll get to it before spring. Too many other things I want to do first.