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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gotta Do It

Okay, chicks, it's getting to where I had to bring the ol' exercise machine into the house. I was too lazy to go outside to the garage to work with it. Love Bunny brought it in about 2 weeks ago and took the red bench out to the front porch again. Sheeesh, will I ever stop moving furniture around in this house? I haven't even finished the family room "put back together" yet and am working on making some aprons for a class I'm giving in church (can this be called "service"?) and haven't even cleaned the toilets this week.

This is our first real harvest from the pear tree we planted 3 years ago. You understand I'm showing you the "good sides" of the pears, right? Hubs still hasn't gotten the hang of being a "gentleman farmer" yet.

The other thing I want to mention is that I'm almost to 700 blog posts. Only about 2 or so to go so you might want to keep up with me for a giveaway. I'll be sure and let you know when and what you have to do so stay tuned for that announcement. I also hope to get some sweet bloggers to announce it. It will be worth it I think. :-)


  1. Oh,that excercise machine looks like it's ready for you to hop on and ride girlfriend. Just "do it" as they used to say. Those pears from your tree look wonderful...I love pears. PS: You look like someone I knew back in 1984...but I was in Sacramento then. Hmmm, you still look familiar though. Mumzie :)

  2. Oh the pears look delicous. I love pears. I workout to and it just makes me feel so much better. Good luck with your work out plan. May I suggest to do your workouts in the morning and then you can go about your day knowing that your workout is behind you. And you'll feel wonderful.

  3. I can't believe I know someone who is about to reach 700 posts... wow.
    It's been a delight to read your blog Connie.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. Those are beautigul pears, Connie, ours didnt do well this year.
    700 can one keep up with you!

  5. WOW,I don't think I will ever reach that many post,Congrats on that and I will keep my eye out for your givaway.Good luck with making the aprons.My daughter is making a curtain out of vintage aprons.She has them pined with wooden cloth pin across a string of twine.Anyway its really pretty on her laungry room windows.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. Goodmorning Connie,I love your curtains and the window seat with all the pretty pillows.The pears look great.Wow almost at 700 I wonder if I'll ever get that far.LOL Can't wait to see what your giveaway is.Hugs,Jennifer

  7. Hi Connie~ I had to stop by to say hi...I have not been doing a lot of visiting lately. I think you should give your exercise equipment the shabby chic look! ;)

  8. Morning Connie

    Well if you have to work out, at least the room you're doing it in is perfectly decorated.

    Enjoy your day!

  9. ugh... that looks like work to me. But I need to do the same thing!

  10. You have that in your office? Wow, Chick. Talk about a monkey on your back! lol Hopefully your screen is big enough to hide it from view when you're working, that way the only glimpse is either when you enter or exit thus reducing whatever guilty feelings come with it. I suppose I should put a treadmill in mine..... nah.


  11. I love to come and visit. Your thoughts are so much like mine. Your new sewing machine rocks. Your pears look lovely.

    The Raggedy Girl

  12. Hi Connie!

    Ewwwwwwwwww..........exercise. :-)
    The treadmill is in the hubbs uses it out there. Good for him. I walk past!

    Your pears look yummy. I love them with crunchy peanut butter. Oh my, that's good. We used to have an apple tree at our old house that had four kinds of apples on it. We never got much of a harvest either.

    I'll be back for the giveaway. I can't wait to see what you're cooking up.


  13. I do love me a delicious, ripe pear!

  14. love the pears!!! wow 700, I am at about 451 right now and that that was alot..have a great week...:)

  15. Wow! 7oo post you are such a busy girl. But they are so much fun to read so just forget the toilet and if guests come unscrew the light bulb and light some candles.

  16. Hello Connie, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your post today, pears looks delish! Good place for an exercise machine. I used my for a quilt rack, I really need to take the quilt off and use it. LOL Loved all your aprons in previous post and your sewing machine looks alot like my new one. It's taking time to learn it. So far I love it!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  17. Hi Connie, I have an exercise bike in my great room. I need it there or I just won't think of it. Not at all attractive. LOL.

    Love your pears. My sister has pear tree and the bears love them. We do have bears here in the mountains, among other various wild things.

    Wow, 700 hundred posts. Very impressive. I'll be watching for your celebration.


  18. Oh no! Not an exercise machine! I can't look at it...I haven't exercised (other than running after Dear Bebe) in ages. I really need to!

    But I'll be looking forward to your giveaway, Connie! I'm sure it will be full of SMOOCHES! :0)

  19. Hi Connie; Wow now you can sew and get your exercise too pretty cool.. your pears look really nice, and yummy I love pears... you sound very busy there Girl friend,,, you need to get some time to rest.... so do it!!! lol; Have a great week,


  20. Oh I hate to exercise! I even hate the word, so I call it working in the garden. Wow, 700 posts! Great job girl.

  21. Hi Connie! Those pears look yummy! That's so neat that you are growing them. I never knew anyone that grew pears - apples, grapes, tomatoes, etc., but not pears. Very good.

    You would go nuts if you didn't have a kazillion things going on at once. You work best that way, don't you? Keep it going - makes you very interesting, always with something new to share. I love it!

  22. Hi, Connie,
    Yes, that certainly could be called "service". I admire you for teaching the ladies in your church how to make the aprons. The pears look delicious. Pear preserves are my favorite of all. Congratulations on your upcoming 700th post, Wow!! Vicki

  23. They need to make cute exercise machines!!! You should make a cute cozy for it out of all your pink fabrics! LOL! You have a sweet husband to always move it for you. WOW! You pears are gorgeous.....Mmmmmm!!!

    Love, Sharon
    P.S. Congratulations on being a grammie!!!

  24. Hi Connie,
    Are you going to keep the "machine" in your craft room???
    Your pears look WONDERFUL...yum!
    WOW...almost 700 go girl.

    Deb :)

  25. Hi Connie
    Well its good to keep moving furniture keeps everyone on their toes..*g*...
    There is always work to do around the house isn't there? I find when things get done and organized and sorted out I soon need to have a bit of a change in some way....
    Your pears are sooo delicious looking. I would love to grab one right now and yum bite into it.
    have a super weekend.

  26. Hi Connie! I was visiting some of your posts that I had missed...your aprons are to die for!!! I love the red one with lace and of course ROSES. You do such beautiful work, I love to visit you...Are you done camping for the year??? LOL! take care!!Big hugs, Jennifer

  27. Oh those pears look so yummy. My mom used can pears and put cinnamon and red food coloring in it for Christmas time. Congrats on the 700 posts! Very cool. I'm approaching 100!
    Hugs and glitter,

  28. Giving the class on aprons is fun--cleaning the toilet and laundry is service. LOL! Got any Christmas class ideas? I gotta do one in November and I'm at a loss. Ugh! The pears look beautiful! They must have orangatung farmers picking the ones we get in the stores. Keep up the posting! Way to go!

    Cathy ♥


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