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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #6

Our weather has changed dramatically in the past few days, getting much colder. I looked out the patio window this morning and thought I'd get a few pictures of the last vestiges of summer. Fall is officially here. Our cherry tree got zapped by a frost a few nights ago, but today it's looking even more frosted. I can see Love Bunny's mower tracks in the grass. It crunched under my feet at about 9 am this morning. And just to the right in the photo are the tomato plants dying. Hubs picked the last ones a few days ago and we are now trying to distribute them to as many neighbors as we can!

This little carpet rose bush is struggling to keep going up until the very last minute.

I try to keep my photos at 800 pixels wide so you can't see this very well but if you could see it at 3800 pixels you would see the frost on the roses. It looks like sugar frosting. Just beautiful to view it in the garden.

The winner for last week's apron is


Congratulations, Sugar!!

Welcome once again to Pink Saturday. Pop over to Beverly's blog and view all the participants for today.


This is the 6th apron giveaway. Just leaving a comment on this post will enter you to win the apron below. Simple. Easy. Do it!