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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

Caution: this is photo heavy! But I can make my jpgs very small in pixels so it should not take long to load for anyone, but I'm just warning you that there are about 40 photos, which is not my regular amount. I only do it for special parties on the blogs.

As most of you who read me regularly know, we're empty nesters. We usually stay home for the Christmas season unless we can be absolutely sure we can get over the Sierra mountains to go back to California to visit kids or head off to Seattle to visit our granddaughter and her family. This year we're staying put! But we don't decorate the house like most people with little children do. It's just too hard on me, not HIM, to do it anymore. So he puts up lights and decorates outside and I just do a tree in the house.

I've been feeling unmotivated for a couple of months. Yeah, that's a good word—unmotivated. It took me a long time to decide if I would participate in Sherry's Share the Decor Party. So yesterday I had Love Bunny put up the tree. Let me deviate here for a minute.

Last year we had a green tree that we got 2 years ago so we wouldn't have to keep putting money out for something we were going to throw out. I dreamed about a white tree but didn't think Mr. Scrooge (hubs/love bunny) would spring for it since he's a traditionalist. Lo and behold, 2 weeks ago he suggested we get a white tree because he knew I was lusting after one! I demurred but he would have none of that. What a sweetheart he was when he put the white tree in the cart at WM! I guess he's a keeper. Anyway, it is now decorated and I'm going to just comment on a few of the photos for those of you like me who love the romantic, shabby chic, froufrou decor.

I don't do a traditional type of tree. For the most part I add things friends have given me or what I make. I have a few bulbs here and there but for the most part...well, you'll see what I mean.

I start with putting the lights on the tree and then using yards and yards and yards of netting and then yards and yards of pink and white organza ribbon to wrap it, I tuck and pouf for the most part.

I made these little faux cupcakes and put a few on the tree.

I added pine cones I've painted pink and added roses to.

I added 40 snow flakes to which I've added pretty papers and ribbon roses.

I add as much bling as I can and then put little faux candies in the netting.

Little paper flowers I crafted and stuck in the netting.

I made this tree topper with a wreath, paper roses, bling and faux pearls and just wrapped and tucked it also.

Very few balls on the tree, but I couldn't pass up these polka dot ones.

More faux candies tucked into the netting.

More scrunchy flowers I made from paper.

A little beaded angel sent to me from Pat at the Urban Chic.

One of the very few bulbs I've added this year.

Another cupcake I made a few years ago and tucked into the netting also.

Little birds I've tucked into the tree.

A little silk embroidery give to me by a member of my eBay group I've had for about 4 or 5 years now.

As I said, being unmotivated lately, I simply added a ruffle to this felt tree skirt. I wanted to buy one but I can't find a single shabby roses one now! About 3 or 4 years ago you could find them all over eBay but none now. I wanted to make one but I just got lazy and didn't. So I simply stuff yards and yards and yards of pink netting under there to tone down the red.

A little faux cake tucked in the netting nice and tight.

Almost finished here.

Wrap around and tuck.

And pouf and pouf and pouf.

After adding the lights and netting.

And the finished tree. I tried my best to get good pix in this room but it was an overcast day so this is the best I could do.