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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got Outside for a Photoshoot

One of our favorite meals is tuna salad, fried potatoes and kidney beans. We've had it for 50 years, but not so much in the past few years since I don't like frying and adding the calories to our meals. But the other night I gave Love Bunny a treat—no, not that, but of tuna salad, fried potatoes and onions fried in the pan and…well, here's the story.

As I said it's been the same meal for 50+ years for us. Our kids love it and we both love it. So I told hubs we were going to have it. He even peeled the potatoes. I did the tuna salad. Everything was just about ready and he pulled out frozen lima beans. I asked what he was doing. That's not what we regularly have with the tuna and potatoes. He said, "It isn't?"!!! I just looked at him like he'd lost it. He loves kidney beans and that's how that meal goes. I just couldn't believe he'd forget that. But he put the limas away and we had the kidneys. Duh!

It was a spring-like day here recently and I had a young mother and her 3 year old daughter visit with me. She's a really neat person to come and sit with an old lady and chat. We fed and entertained her little girl, who was just a cutie. There are few women who will venture out to just visit and chat with an old lady but once they see I'm just a girl of a different age they have a delightful time. Anyway, it was nice to have a visitor since hubs was teaching a class that day. We chatted and then some Shari's Berries arrived and she got to share a couple with me. See, there are benefits to visiting. Go out and do it some more, y'all!!

I also got out to do a photoshoot for some perfume bottles I decorated a few years ago and included with some I found online and thought I'd share with you, so just go on and treat yourself to some eye candy.

Can we say a "barrel full of roses"?

I know you're lusting right now for this lovely old home.

Is this not gorgeous? I love this room. If I had a guest room it would look very similar to this.

This was made for a child's Mad Hatter birthday party. Can you imagine the time this creation must have taken?

More uses for old ladders.

I have definitely decided to try and find some little birdcages like this and paint them pink and aqua.

And more uses for some ladders.

Yeah, yeah, I know...your dream room. ;-)

More pink walls to give you inspiration.

And your dream patio. :-)

And then there are some I decorated myself.

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Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.