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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whether to Continue Blogging

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love blogging and may continue, but very infrequently. And I have been remiss lately due to some health issues. You can view the story here. No one would guess by looking at me I'm so sick. I am on oxygen now and that's the only way to tell there is something the matter. When I sheepishly asked the doctor, a pulmonologist, if I could now get a handicapped sticker he said I qualify more than just about anyone he's seen. How's that for cheering up? I have not let this get me down and out. I still shop and go to lunch with the girls, my support group. One of them actually has a degree in grief counseling. I couldn't have picked a better friend! I'm also going to counseling simply because of depression. I love counseling!

And now for an update.

I have a date with a thoracic surgeon in a week to set a date for a biopsy. We've determined I have interstitial lung disease. If interested I've provided a link to the Mayo Clinic about this disease so you can see what I'm going through. I'm optimistic by nature but I'm also realistic. I'm scared and have shed enough tears to fill a sink. But I have a good support system. Anyway, here's something else.

Last Friday my hubby had a meeting in Boise he went to about model trains. He loves anything regarding trains. In fact, as I sit here composing this post he's watching an hour long video on the history of trains and how people love them.

When he got home he came to me here in the computer room and said there was a car in our driveway. Baffled, I followed him to the garage and looked and told him I had no idea who it belonged to and I had no one in the house visiting me. It was parked behind my Camry when we opened the garage door. I looked at him and he said, "It's yours. I bought you a Lexus." I was absolutely and I mean absolutely stunned and immediately started bawling. He hauled me out to see it and then took our old Camry to the dealer to turn it in. We've bought our last 2 cars from them so they're familiar with us and a friend is the Sales Manager there.

He said, "I know this is your dream car and you're worth it." This is a phrase I use with him when I'm buying perfume, makeup and sheets. "I'm worth it." He made a dream come true. I'd never, ever have guessed he'd do something like this. Here I am with a relatively short expiration date and he does this!

This truly is my dream car. My kids have luxury cars also—Mercedes, BMWs. I love the feeling riding in them, to say nothing of how we are treated when we drive up to a restaurant or hotel valet service! Of course, now that our daughter and her husband are planning on moving to Oregon, she's interested in trucks! I hate trucks!

Anyway, this sweet surprise is fully loaded. Wide angle video screen on the console for backing up, Sirius radio, heated and air-conditioned seats front and back, "no key" entry, just carry a little piece of electronic metal in my pocket, GPS, heated side mirrors, cherry red wood (bamboo! Toyota is innovative in using things that don't disturb the ecosystem too much) on the console, doors and steering wheel, windshield wipers that automatically come on when it rains, sun roof, automatic seats adjustable for the 2 primary drivers, auto-detection for tailgating, and so much more. Hands-free phone system, which I probably can't use since I don't have and don't want a smart phone. Hubby said it was fully loaded. I believe him. It'll take us several days to get used to it and can program every single thing that can be programmed and familiarize ourselves with its features. Lexus has been known for getting 500,000 miles easily on their cars so this is my forever car.

This is the Lexus. I am absolutely loving it!

Back view.

Side view.

The interior. It looks very red but it's a cherry red wood. It is absolutely stunning.

Here shows it on the console, steering wheel and the doors.

Now you can see my storage in the garage. ;-)

Here it is in our garage.

I'd love to have this roominess in my kitchen. I might cook more...maybe.

Don't you love the red toile and white dining chairs? My granddaughter just bought a new breakfast set and it has light chairs. Light chairs with a 5- and 3-year old?! She had towels over it. I explained plastic would be better. She could just wipe the spaghetti off of it instead of washing towels. She quickly agreed and found plastic. Gotta love a granddaughter that listens to her Nana!

I like those 2 chairs and ottoman. Those kind of chairs are very good for the body, too. I sit erect now because of spine and leg problems. This was a requirement from my chiropractor. Recliners are the worst thing for a body.

I'd make one but I have no idea where I'd hang it. Those little striped bulbs are adorable. I'd like to find some of those.

My kind of evening bag.

One of the cheeriest kitchens I've ever seen. All pink and red.

A beautiful entrance to a lovely home. Elegant.

I love how some people combine antiques and glitz/glam together. It's what I do and I love the look.