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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Stories Today 4/1/14

My 2 children both have birthdays in April, which makes their birthstone diamonds. I usually just call and wish them a happy birthday as they both have so much there's nothing we can buy them except Momma's home cooked meals. ;-) But most of our family's birthdays are all within 3 months of each other. But we're all planning a train trip for our 55th anniversary. We are ALL excited about that. All fifteen of us on a train for at least one night and then a weekend in San Diego sounds like great fun to me.

My great granddaughter, who will be four years old in May used to go under the kitchen table to do her "business." Once while my granddaughter and her hubby were house hunting she got under a kitchen table at an Open House. When her mother told her to come out she said, "I'm doing my business, Mom." When they were visiting here about a year ago, I gave her an area rug for her kitchen dining area as I was buying a new white one for ours. She took it home and sent me a picture of it and it made her kitchen dining area look cozier. She also told me "business" has "improved" under the table. We had to laugh. ;-).

Most of our friends have family photos lining their walls—living room, bedrooms, etc. I've never liked decorating like that. I have the 2 pictures that my husband had painted for me while he was in Japan on a wall that I see every single day. Those are my favorites of them. I love both of my kids and have them in my "heart photo album." The pictures on my walls are all serene (not that my kids aren't!) but I prefer that. I'm a very private person when it comes to showing my kids. Now, the great granddaughters are posted on one of my kitchen cabinets. But I've never liked seeing hundreds of pictures of someone's family. (I've been in some homes where political photos are on the walls. Never happen in this house!) It just doesn't interest me and I doubt my family would interest them. I do, however, have beautiful pictures that people rave about on the walls.

Years ago when I was attending Weight Watchers meetings and was a relative new WW I stepped on the scale and told the woman weighing me in to not tell me what my weight was. She said, "Fine" and when I got on the scale she blurted out the weight! I couldn't believe it. What about "don't tell me my weight" did this woman not understand? I just wanted to know the loss, not my actual weight. That would have depressed me even though I knew it was getting out of hand. I don't do WWs anymore, but mainly because of the whining I hear at their meetings. Good grief, what about the program do these people not get?! The speaker will cover all the things for the lesson that day and invariably some nut will say, "Well, I'm going to a party tonight and there will be lots of food. What do I do?" Idiot. She just told you and other people chimed in also. Didn't you listen to her tell you? My opinion is that those people just want to be noticed. I just couldn't stand the absurdity of some people and stopped going to the meetings.

As you all know I love vignettes. This one is particularly cute.

There is certainly a "lusciousness" about having an outdoor room with a place to sit even in the rain. I think this one is beautiful.

Another chair I should love in my home. These are beautiful.

A bit of eye candy for ya.

I've wondered where to buy these pretty little pots. I haven't found any in my neck of the woods but I'll keep trying.

I have this pillow and the matching ruffle quilt but recently changed back to my old Soft Surroundings all-white one with one long ruffle skirt to the floor. Hubs and I were tired of fixing the bed skirt. So I may sell the Summers at the Cottage one. If anyone is interested, just email me. It really is gorgeous!

I'm waiting for our rose garden to bloom. Love Bunny has cleaned it up after this long winter, clipped the branches back and got our yard looking lovely once again.

I have a keen interest in beautiful laundry rooms. Mine being pink and cheerful with signs, clothes pin bags and shelving in there. I don't mind doing my laundry at all!

Isn't this a darling way to store your dinnerware and glasses?

While this is a visual treat, I'm not sure I'd want my house to be this narrow between two walkways.

Cute dining room display.

Now tell me, would anyone actually wear a shoe like this? I'd think it would b a bit itchy.

Do all women love feminine bedrooms like this? I sure do. Wouldn't have it any other way.

While this is a fetching bathroom, all that lace would certainly collect dust. Just kidding. It's actually wallpaper.

My great granddaughter would call this a Princess dress. She makes me so happy.
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