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Monday, August 13, 2012

Living Rooms

I've come up with some living rooms while searching for ideas for a new sofa. Just some thoughts today.

Slipcovers are fine and I love them but I'm wanting a formal, classical look, which my living room is right now. I'll always love the classical look.

I'm really in a dilemma deciding on loose back cushions or tight tucked back.

I love this arrangement of a living room but mine isn't conducive to this layout. It is so much easier to converse with people instead of having everything facing a television. I used to visit a woman that had 2 sofas and a recliner lined up almost side by side in her living room. By the time I left there my neck hurt so bad from trying to talk with her I never wanted to go back. She had every seat in that room directed towards the television. We don't have that problem since we don't have a TV but I sure wish people would take heed how tiresome that is and how bad an arrangement that is in a room.

This is a darling sofa but would that fabric last a long time for us is another question.

While charming and cute, I doubt hubs would like it in our living room. I don't think I'd go for it in there either. Too busy. I do kind of like it though.

A rest from all the sofas!

Egg photos seem to be in this year.

I'm not sure where one thing begins and ends in this room. But that much wallpaper would send me over the edge.

Cute cubbies for small things.

Aaaahhhh, sereneness. ;-)

Cute area on a back porch.

Lovin' this desk and the froufrou around it.

Oh, yeah, I could live with this in my backyard for sure.

I don't know where this coast line is but I've never seen so many pink flowers blooming anywhere.

A clean, crisp beautiful white entry.