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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #12

Here's more of the "kitchen" area. A vintage scale is the centerpiece of this small wall. Isn't it cute? In here some of the candy is real and for sale. SOME of it is real, not all. You have to look carefully for the "ingredients" sticker to figure out which is real and which is "eye candy."

Chestnuts??? I've never seen them and these are faux. But they are gorgeous.

This is my favorite "wall" in the nursery. I love that old stove and the way they've displayed it with faux cookies baking in the oven. Notice the little apron - looks like a snowman. And again, instead of the traditional green they've used the lime green. Fantastic!

Another shot of an above photo but more to the left of the vintage scale.

Okay, now we're heading into the french country area. Faux cheese.

Faux flower arrangement.

Faux breads and cheeses.

I have no clue what this plant is but it's sparkly like ice crystals on it and faux, of course. It must be something the french would have because it's in that section. ;-)

Aren't these colors yummy? Very french looking.

Nope, can't sit on the chairs. They're for sale.

Lovely place setting with faux pineapples in the bowls.

If Love Bunny wouldn't notice I'd have this in my kitchen now!! It's a bit over my budget though.

French country sideboard with traditional articles found in a french country house.

Some of the napkins available in the french country section. My favorites are the yellow and red ones on the right side.

More soon! We ain't through yet, chicks!!!