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Monday, October 7, 2013

My Experience with Homemade Detergent

Again, if you're interested in gorgeous photos, go to my pinterest page. There are over 11,800 photos on there with almost 9,500 followers. So you know there are gorgeous things to see. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Just enjoy looking at them as I doubt I'll ever get all of them on this blog. Plus I post daily!

A while back I was lamenting over the state of clean clothes and detergents. I then received comments on making my own detergent. So I decided to give it a try. To my dismay it ended with a blender almost catching fire—smoking—and my trusty old blender died. Hubby saw it in the garage when he got home that day and didn't even ask; he's used to these sort of things, but I explained anyway. I finished making the detergent—the kind with 3 ingredients—and promises of cleaner clothes. Well, getting past the smell of Borax, Washing Soda and Fels Naptha was a challenge. I did indeed try it. My results: not only did it NOT clean any better, but it left me with a rash all over my body: legs, arms, torso. I had to rewash all the things I had washed in that stuff. I'm guessing it was fine for most people and I'm really not sensitive to too many things at all, plus it was cheap and used only a tablespoon per wash load, but money wasn't and isn't a factor for me, clean clothes are. So I'll just have to accept that our white undergarments are a bit dingy, but at least they're clean when I put them on my body and I don't get a rash. So beware if you are thinking of making your own soap. It might not be worth it to you.

I'll always love this kind of slip-covered sofa. I have a slipcover for my old sofa but I don't have it on right now. Just liking the change for a while.

Can you believe this is soap? I'd like this in my guest bathroom with its pink color and design on top.

I'll always love Green Gate tins, just wish they would have an outlet here in the U.S. so we didn't have to receive them from Denmark. Postage is a lot from there to here!

I love the arrangement of this living room. I'd paint the walls pink however. Gorgeous furniture.

Another pretty bottle. Love the girly look of it.

Right now I'm doing fine without any candy but there are times on this diet I'd kill ya for chocolate! This looks very tempting.

I love this chair and its color. I'd prefer pink but the blue is gorgeous.

I just love kitchens like this that display eye candy colors. Look at that stack of tumblers and bowls. Colorful!

Fancy cupcakes.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this as your headboard?

Pretty arrangements of linens always delight my eye.

What is this flower? It's gorgeous. Wish I could find one for my garden.

I also love beautiful hanging lamps and have some in my home, with and without lights.

Another room I love. I do like the high tables but I don't think it would go well in my small living room.

Just colorful window boxes, shutters and canopies in some beautiful European country.