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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Story about Accents

Back at this post I alluded to hubby's accent being different from his sisters' and brother's accent. I'll now tell you the story.

When Love Bunny was overseas the first time, I left Southern California and went to San Jose to live with my parents, I got a job at JCPenney working in the women's clothing department. I liked it actually because it helped the time go by faster plus the extra money would come in handy while we were maintaining 2 households—him overseas and me living with my mom and dad.

Anyway, one day a family was shopping there and came up to the counter to pay for their purchases. An older mother and father with their adult daughter were the customers. When they started talking I noticed their accent right away. I asked where they were from and they said, "Oh, you've never heard of where we're from."
I said, "Try me."
They said, "Pennsylvania."
I said, "Where in Pennsylvania?"
They said, "Ahhh, you've never heard of it; it's a small town."

I persisted and finally, they told me. It was the same town my hubby was from! I asked if they'd ever heard of a family with our last name. They said yes they had. Then they told me their name and I squealed. Their son, Charlie, was my husband's best friend in high school. Charlie was then living not far from us in Southern California before I went up north to my parents. He now lives over in Oregon, not too far from us here. Hubs couldn't believe it when I wrote and told him about it. So never tell me I don't catch that accent from that part of Pennsylvania. It's very distinct to us from California. ;-)

This is such a "feel at home" type of living room. Just calls out "home" to me.

Like this blue sun porch also.

Bucket of posies.

This is a kitchen/dining area in a Scandinavia country. Looking at them a lot recently I've noticed they are very, very small.

Another red and yellow bedroom. Those are close to my favorite of pink and yellow.

Gorgeous walkway to a beautiful home.

I liked this living room also. Very homey too.

Very pretty living room in white and beige with touches of bright colors.

Cute paper teacup.

A lot of old churches are being sold off to homeowners for homes. I don't think I'd like to have that much room but what some of them do to the churches are beautiful.

Pretty idea for a patio. While they aren't lights, they certainly add an appeal.

Another absolutely stunning lamp! I love that shade.

This is the first I've seen of this kind. Beautiful!

Another small European kitchen.

One of my all-time favorite bedrooms.
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