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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am a very thoughtful person. In other words, I am genuinely concerned with other people's comfort when they are in my home.

I keep wool lap throws, purchased in Ireland years ago, scattered around in the winter in case they feel a chill. Every phone has a cup of pens and a note pad by it. (Actually, that is more for me to indulge my laziness! I hate looking all over for a pen and paper.) There are boxes of tissues in every single room in this house - even beside my chair. There is always something cold and refreshing to drink in case someone "just drops by" - which is becoming rarer and rarer in this society. :-( My sofa and chairs are purchased with my comfort and visitor's comfort in mind. I have footstools and ottomans at every single chair in the living room and family room. Plus my coffee tables are "put your feet up" kind of tables. That does not mean kids can walk on them; they should be taught respect for other people's things and also courtesy.

Lastly, and certainly not least (!), toilet paper is in abundance in my bathrooms. This is absolutely essential in my book. It stems from a situation several years ago at a relative's home. They had a huge condo and the powder room was right off of the entry, which was quite close to the living room. During a holiday dinner I had to use the facilities and guess what?! I was stuck in there and badly in need of toilet paper. I looked under every cabinet in there but there was none to be found. I was truly in a "pickle" and couldn't call for my hubby. If I recall correctly, I did the best I could with a tissue in my purse. Now, why I took my purse in with me I'll never know but I did. From that moment on I swore to myself that no one ever would be in that position in my home. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but it was something that should have been considered when having a dinner party. I keep an extra roll on the back of the toilet. I have a little toilet paper holder in front of the toilet that holds 3 extra rolls plus the one being used and a 12 pack under the cabinet always - always.

Think about it!! :-)

Since we're talking about birthdays, I thought I'd post a bit of ephemera for you. I was born during the war and my father was on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. He didn't see me until I was 18 months old, but that is what happens when men go off to war to fight for their country, our freedoms and their loves ones. This was the telegram he received several days after I was born. With this, I salute all of those brave young men and women who are fighting for my freedoms at this time. This family salutes you!! You are always in our prayers and we wish you success wherever you are.

Today is my only granddaughter's birthday. She was our first grandchild and I can't tell you how much we adore her! She is 27 years old today and I want to honor her. I remember the day she was born as well as I remember her mom's birth day. She graduated from University of California Berkeley and now works for Microsoft in Redmond, Wa. The man who married her is extremely lucky. Of course, we call her "girl" or "Bratski #3" or sometimes we just refer to her as "A" or "g" when her mom and I are instant messaging!!