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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Dinner Party

Many years ago, Love Bunny, the kids, my parents and I were having lunch at a restaurant in Monterey, California. (The important thing to remember in this story is that my mother was fanatical about cleanliness.) The salads came and we began eating and my mother noticed a worm or some insect in her salad. She was horrified. And complained. Usually, when this happens a restaurant will offer that dinner free to the customer. They didn't; they asked if they could bring her another salad. We all stared at them as if they were crazy. Would you want another salad from that kitchen? Well, my mother didn't. I believe we got up and left. I can't remember about the bill, but I thought a reduction in the bill would have been appropriate. As far as we knew, this was a classy restaurant. Most of them are in Monterey or Carmel. But no, no reduction at all in the bill. We never went there again.

Fast forward forty-five years later.

A friend, her daughter, son-in-law and new grandson (their first grandchild) came over for dinner several days ago. I love this woman. She's the absolute best kind of friend anyone could have. Loves me no matter what. I'm also a great cook. Her expertise lies elsewhere.

I prepared an early dinner of Angus roast beef, mashed potatoes, shoepeg corn, candied carrots, fresh-from-our-garden salad, french bread slathered with butter and homemade ice cream, made earlier.

I told her earlier they didn't get the good china, the fancy silverware or crystal glasses because 1.) They are considered family. 2.) I was too lazy that day and getting ready for surgery in a few days with at least an appointment with doctors every single day that week and had 3 different events that day. 3.) She can live without the frou-frou! Not a problem with her at all. ;-) The new baby took precedence that day. I absolutely love babies and I smooched him quite a lot. Here's this little photo of him looking up at his Dada.

We sat down to dinner and the young father filled his salad plate and proceeded to spear some lettuce and tomato with his fork and said, "There's a bug in my salad." I'll never forget the look of horror on his face. I almost laughed but didn't. He was so stricken. Hubs had picked and washed the lettuce and assured me he had done each leaf. I just grabbed the plate and said, "Well, I don't think Dada will want any salad." Also, I skipped salad that day and I'm a big salad lover. I apologized and later called my friend and asked if Dada had recuperated from the shock. We laughed. I hope he wasn't too traumatized to see the little green wiggling up at him. I'm wondering if he'll ever eat at our house again if the opportunity presents itself.

Sunny, bright, white dining area. That canopy is quite the thing also.

Cozy and bright pink room and accessories.

Exquisitely lovely blue table setting.

Yep, love that birdcage also!

Birdie singing his song.

What a cute table setting with different kids of cake plates and cloches on a vintage, rustic table.

This room looks familiar and I like the fabrics of course.

Ooooh, let me walk this pathway.

Cute idea to keep the kids and hubs clean while doing garden chores and not dirtying up your kitchen or baths.

Vintage baskets and rose strewn quilts.

I like this idea of soft lights on the porch or patio at night. Easily done, too.

Another quaint cottage and garden for you.

Lovely, but soon the windows will be covered with ivy and the owners won't be able to see out.

I could definitely live in this room happily. I would, however, paint the walls a delicate pink and put pink and white striped satin curtains on the windows.

For a week in the country, hubs could entice me if he rented this cabin. Yep!