My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Purple Elf Church Outfit

Okay, so I looked like an elf - at least I was "bright"!! I've never been "conventional" when it comes to colors but I think I may have outdone myself yesterday in church.

Since my foot surgery 2 months ago I can't wear any of my old shoes on the left foot yet. Well, we went to back home to California last week to visit with kids and attend son's graduaction from nursing school and while there my daughter gave me a pair of lavender Crocs. (I must admit they are a very, very comfy shoe!) So yesterday I decided to wear them to church (in the snow, no less!!). Well, I wanted to be Christmas-y and decided to wear bright socks also. I thought the red and green socks might be a tad too much green and Jack wore the Christmas tie so I was stuck with bright red knee socks for my toesies! Purple dress, magenta jacket, lavender shoes and red socks. I looked like an elf! However, the members of our ward just stared and I knew it wasn't the body they were looking at. Hah......... But as I said, I'm my own fashion setter and love purple, pink and red. And trust me, this is not the "loudest" outfit I've ever worn. And I'm an old lady! Aren't we supposed to wear purple and thumb our noses at everyone and conventionality?!?!?! Gotta love me!

Christmas Swap

I received this wonderful little tussie mussie and hang tag from Holly this week and they are darling. She uses vintage wallpaper with roses and everything is PINK and I love it! The little hang tag is sparkley with "diamonds and baubles" to add to the sparkley holiday atmosphere. It will go in my home perfectly in a place of honor. Actually, everything anyone sends me goes into a place of honor in my home. She is a sweetheart and she is confident that I love her! Her works are always stunning and I have a painting from this sweet friend to prove it. Little birds and hummm, just beautiful! Thank you, sweet Miss Holly with the sweet hubby and 2 darling boys growing up way to fast. :-)