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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Retirement Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be

I bought a new iMac about a week ago and have been so busy transferring things over—and thinking this was a great time to get rid of some old files and documents I hadn't used for a loooong time (I do NOT recommend you try this at home.)—while going about my daily chores that I've barely had time for laundry. Love Bunny told me he was out of undergarments and I suggested we run to the store to buy more—seriously, I did! He declined, explaining he didn't have room for any more but that I should think about just washing what he does have. This—my time at the computer— has left him with way too much time on his hands. He needs a keeper—me. Sigh.......

When Love Bunny retired I insisted he get a "side job" to keep busy. Oh, he has a hobby: model railroad trains. But he can only do it so long and then needs a rest, so he teaches real estate classes on the side. His other hobby is rearranging my kitchen! I swear he is so lucky to have both legs it isn't even funny. I've thought of knee-capping him just to keep him out of my kitchen. He's driving me nuts.

Introducing my pantry:

Top shelf left. Already he's taken stuff off the top shelf and relegated it to the garage. This has left a great deal to be desired. I have room for stuff up there but can't decide what I want up there, and frankly, I'm too busy to think about it at the moment.

Now, these little cansolidators are great but I think they should go in the garage. They take up more room in this tiny amount of space. He insists we keep them. I could get lots more in here without them. LOTS more!

See all that empty space? He insists I shouldn't have to put anything more in there!

Look at all the empty space begging for more cans. I have cases of vegetables under our bed and in a closet in his office. In fact, if our bed collapsed I'd be awash in beans, corn and applesauce for a month.

I can stack cans on top of one another and get more in this space without the little organizers. But having them on big metal storage units in the garage would be much better. I like having my shelves very packed with canned goods.

Then, get this: he even takes cans or boxes out and sets them on the counter in the morning if I happen to mention what I'm preparing for dinner! Drives me crazy. It can stay in the pantry until I get ready to fix it. I know what I'm preparing and don't have to be reminded. This happens almost every day. I put it back in the pantry and tell him it's fine in there. It's not like I need an 8 hour reminder sitting on my counter. I like my countertops as uncluttered as I can get them.

I am seriously looking at another part time job just to get him out of my hair. Maybe WM is looking for greeters??

But he did put up some shelves in the craft room that I needed. The top ones are just too tall for me to be reaching up there every time I need something.

I haven't even wanted to go into this room lately because I need to organize it—AGAIN!!—before I can make my great granddaughter something. *Sigh*...........