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Monday, March 1, 2010

What Is It About Organizing?

Women are notorious organizers. I am. We need a certain order in our lives or we can't function well. So...organizing again. Yep, I had to clean out some things. I know, I know, I keep doing this but I am trying my level best to get rid of some things. If more of you chicks lived near me you'd love what I'd be willing to give you. This is just the house part. Wait until we get to the attic Love Bunny made up over the garage. AND we've made several trips to the thrift stores and sold some things on craigslist.

This is the craft room closet emptied out and after getting rid of several boxes of pillow stuffing and 5 pillow forms.

This is the next day after selling some of the stuff on craigslist. I couldn't empty the whole closet into the room at once. I had to get rid of some stuff to make room for the rest of the stuff in the ROOM!

In fact, for this photo I almost killed myself falling because I can't get over this stuff here easily. True! This is higher than it looks here, chicks.

And why am I doing this again you ask? One reason: food storage. Love Bunny and I—mostly ME—decided we needed more storage for food. It's a Mormon thing, trust me. So moving from 5,000 square feet to 1,800 square feet didn't leave us much room for that and we had to improvise. (This means I had to give up some craft closet space, which I was willing to do.)

Even storage up top for some additional appliances I don't use that often. More food will be on the other shelves soon.

Is this pathetic?

Love Bunny has more space in his office now but assures me I can use it for things if needed.

My office/computer room. I've only begun to start clearing out some stuff. It just doesn't make sense for 2 people to have so much "stuff"!

This is a pencil/pen drawer in my desk in this office/computer room. It this pathetic or what? NOW, this is in addition to pens in holders in every single room in this house except the bathrooms. I draw the line there; that room is for reading, not writing; although, I have been known to take magazines and pens in there. ;-) This drawer is next. I plan on putting them on the shelves in a box in the closet.