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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chandelier Redo for Pink Saturday 5/16/09

The chandelier top fell out of the thing-a-ma-bob that holds it up there the other day. Hubs said the long screw "tube" was too short so it pulled away from the ceiling but was still held up there by the electrical cord. (What is it with my ceiling fixtures lately?! I tell ya!!) We ran to Home Depot to get a longer one and while it was hanging down there I thought it would be a good time to dust........yeah, I know, I know, I don't do dust, but this was the time to do it if I was EVER going to do it. So I decided to take down the pink chiffon and silk red/yellow roses and put up some netting with pink roses.

Now, hubs is out of town down in California with our son, Keith, to give him and his wife and 2 boys a blessing for all they've been going through. We alllllllll know it's a bad time for this ol' lady to be on a ladder, right?! Yep, you betcha!! However, I'm going to surprise you and tell you that I did NOT fall off the ladder or try to set the kitchen on fire. I took 5 pictures because I wanted you to see it from all angles and how it looks in relation to all the rooms around it. I do love it.

I tied it at the very tippy top (isn't that a cute way of describing it?!) and tied it off tightly with ribbon and then went down every 15-20" and foofed it out and tied it on 5 times to the chain. It is foofed out less at the top and with each successive tie-on the "foof" is bigger. Then I just cut it and let the ends of the netting hang out. The roses are pink paper ones about 3" across on a stem and I just stuck them in there and let the netting hold them. I'll then be able to recycle them again should I wish to do so. This is such a simple, inexpensive (cheap, for those of you in Rio Linda) and beautiful way to cover the chain and make it lovely.

I may try to find some long garlands of faux ivy to twist around it also. Not sure yet. We'll see.