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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Favorite Rooms #2

Here are more of my favorite rooms. I'm seeing a trend here towards more colorful rooms, besides being cozy for the most part. I'm definitely a Traditionalist, liking English and French flourishes also. I've really tried to like all-white rooms, but I need color. I love color and that's apparent in everything in my life, my home and my world.

The colors and that chair on the left are what drew me to this room, but it is a beautiful room. Fireplaces always add to a room also. We don't have a fireplace but I do have a mantle in my family room for ambiance and as a focus point in this house as it lacks a lot of things we've had before. Actually, I don't like fireplaces to deal with: the cleaning, smoke and ashes have always given me a headache. Hubs would love one but I just don't like getting the sinus attacks from the smoke.

While looking a bit elegant, it isn't really, but more homey. I like it a lot.

A bit less cozy for me with the light colors but I think it's gorgeous. I've noticed that the southern part of our U.S. likes the dark woods more than the light woods also. I like the combination of light and dark.

Who could resist a warm room that wraps its arms around you? I absolutely cannot.

I've seen this room all over the internet and Pinterest and love its English style decor. Furniture is one of the major things I love about a room, as anyone else does. It's what "makes" the room. The seating in this room is something that drew me to it.

Betsy Speert has always been a decorator I admire. Her rooms are cozy, a "must have" in my rooms. She also tends toward having many colors in one room. I like that.

I like lush cushions and furniture in rooms. Gold/yellow and pink/red are my favorite colors for a room. While those cushions are down-filled, they really are not practical. The decorators at Ethan Allen don't recommend them for a sofa or chair that is lived in a lot because the down doesn't give enough support. Down is usually used in Designer Showcase homes to look more lush. It isn't something you want to sit on a lot however. We need firmness for our bottoms and backs. But I love that sofa!

This is a room I could live in, not too big nor too small. I like having more than one seating arrangement in a room but don't in my home because it's too small. This is one of my ideal rooms.

Just a beautiful room facing water. Lots of seating, pink walls and the blue of the water in the sofas.

Another beautiful room with lots of seating, pink as its primary colors and a gorgeous window with beautifully flowing drapes. The ceiling and chandelier also add to its beauty.

Pink walls trimmed with white or paler pink (hard to tell from this photo) and  lush gold-colored sofas and touches of gold throughout. Another favorite of mine.

Truly, I don't discount white rooms; I love them. I simply need color in my life. This is an absolutely beautiful room though and I do love it.

This one I like for the coziness. It's French-looking and decorated in a French-style. I love the look of the fireplace though. My ancestry is partly French. I don't like decorating in any one style though because I'm from a very mixed ancestry and love my country above all others.

Another colorful and gorgeous room that struck my heart. It's a Ralph Lauren decorated room. Just so peaceful and gorgeous.

This is another favorite high on my list of living rooms. There isn't much I don't like about this room. High ceilings waste heat and I'm not fond of that but this is still a stunning room to me.