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Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Photos Today

Reminding you again of my Pinterest page, where I post at least a couple of times a week. You'll see images that aren't yet on my blog so go there for a visual treat of nothing but beautiful images.

Also, I'll keep reminding you until 7/1/2013 that Google Reader will no longer be available. So if you want to keep track of your favorite blogs or, if you are a blogger, you'll need another site to do that. Of course, you could just see them if you have bookmarked them, but you wouldn't see if they're updated so you'd have to check every single one. I'm using Bloglovin' as many others are and while it's not as good as Google Reader, it's still better than having to click on every single blog to see if it's updated. If you want to follow me on Bloglovin', just click on the logo on my side bar.

This is one of the cutest spots for a dinner I've ever seen. Can you imagine sitting in the shade of this old barn? Yummmmy!

And another cute way to store linens.

I've always loved purple and it is the favorite color of my great granddaughter. Her mummy buys her a lot of thing in purple or lavender.

A quaint old country neighborhood. They live much closer than we do and I kind of like that idea. Much more secure and that's important to me.

Personally, I love these old stone sinks. I'd much prefer one outside rather than inside but they have so much character.

Several years ago I found some pink towels. Now, I mean a true bright pink, not rose-colored. I have not been able to find any pink towels since then. They are gorgeous, and I'm going to be very distraught when they wear out. Why can't the towel industry come out with just pink instead of a dulled-down pink? This photo reminded me of that. This is a beautiful soft pink but I'm waiting for the true pink to come again.

These little bins are adorable. I wish I could find some for a few items I would put in them.

I adore this old country kitchen. Large sunny windows. Cute old photos on the wall. A sturdy table. Splashes of color in the plant peeking in the photo and on the table.

I'm sure this is a set-up for a wedding but think how cute the idea is for your dining room. Silk flowers and ribbons on the back. Not a lot of trouble or money at all and the pay-off is jazzy.

Yep, we're going out for ice cream tonight!! Did I ever mention I have pink spoons for eating our ice cream? I sure do and it makes the experience even more beautiful.

Yes, I really do like white sofa slipcovers and even had one made for my old Ethan Allen sofa. I can put them on or take them off and have completely different looks. They only cost $400 and I thought that was a steal considering the ugly ones I've seen online.

An excellent, cute and inexpensive way to add storage to your bedroom.

I really like this settee. I've never seen one like it but it looks comfy. Of course, the pink stripe adds to the effect for me.

Just a quaint and cute place for a lunch.

This has to be a shop for Green Gate items. They have the most darling kitchen ware of any store I've seen.


Ringo Starr received more fan mail than any of the other Beatles and George Harrison was afraid of flying.

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