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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Favorite "PINK" House!

Today I'm featuring the first in a looooooong series of beautiful homes I've seen in my books. I purchased this book in 1988 when we still lived in California because of this house only. It's one of the most unique homes I've ever seen because back in the 80s not many people painted their homes pink - unless, of course, they lived in Berkeley, Calif. :-)

But this is an old family estate in the east somewhere. The grounds are lush and green and the owners have kept it in beautiful condition. I could put many more pictures on of this home but this is all I'm going to do today. Just look at how beautiful the gardens are and the wonderful old architecture of early 20th century.

The bedroom is more orangey pink but isn't it just the kind of bedroom you'd like to curl up in with a good book by the fire?! Oh my, how blessed those people are to have this gorgeous home.