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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Picnic at The Park

Okay, enough of the banners already!! I'm tired of showing them as much as you're probably tired of seeing them. Anyway, while I'll probably still make them for some giveaways, I'll try not to show them unless they ARE giveaways. So I'd stay tuned if I were you, chicks! Just a little eye candy of the cupcakes that turned out better than the first batch. I absolutely looooove doing them. Very fun and relaxing for me. I always have to be doing something or I get fidgety.

So now for a little update from this past weekend.

Love Bunny and I, actually I, decided to take a saturday and go to a local lake just a few country miles from us. It's called Deer Flats Park at Lake Lowell and it's very shaded in this hot desert. The lake wasn't crowded at all.

We ran to the post office and store to pick up some potato salad and then picked up some sandwiches at Subway. We got there and laid on a blanket under some trees while eating lunch. As we were ready to leave and go to our car in the car park, which was dirt and gravel, there were stanchions with a thick cable to prevent cars from driving on the grass. I'm not very tall and lifted my leg to go over the lowest part of the thick cable. I had my drink in right hand, my purse over my left shoulder and the blanket under my right arm. I told Love Bunny no problem; I didn't need his help by holding my hand. Then things went awry and got hazy from there.

My foot got caught on the thick cable. I quickly grabbed it with my right hand, lost footing and did a 180° over the cable and landed on my back in the dirt and gravel. Hubs quickly asked if I was all right. I quickly asked if anyone saw it. He said, "Only the guy in the car next to us." I started laughing and couldn't stop. I asked him for a hand up and was just a bit dazed. My pocket recorder, which is always in my pocket, fell out and I dropped the blanket but I didn't lose a drop of my soda. Whew! But I couldn't stop laughing at how a 70 year old chick must look sprawled out in the parking lot of the park. Trust me when I say it wasn't a pretty sight. LB later told me I looked graceful in the execution of the flip and if I were an Olympic gymnast he would have given me an 8.75 score. Yep, he actually said that.

My left leg near my buttocks was aching pretty badly, my right knee and right hand had a "road rash" and the front of my foot at my ankle must had scraped some gravel because they all hurt. I didn't have any ice in the house because we don't use ice unless the kids come to visit because I keep cold water, juice and sodas in the fridge at all times, so I had to use a bag of frozen vacuum-sealed corn on my bottom.

It is now monday morning and I'm still in pain, but I AM fine. I never thought a fall could hurt so much.