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Friday, March 23, 2007

I love potholders!

One of the things in life we take for granted are potholders. I love them. My favorite is a cherry print one I made from scraps. I can make them better than the ones bought at WM or KMart or the dollar store. They're so thin and poorly made. I collect a few that people send me. A sweet lady named Nancy sent me 3 of the cutest I've ever seen. They are the crocheted ones above. One looks like a pair on women's undies! Too cute. But they are truly wonderful potholders and work extremely well. Maybe I'll hang them on the walls or something; my drawer is overflowing with them. I think they multiply during a full moon!! Shhhhhhh...........


The "Ultimate Kitschy" apron. Notice the owls on it. I won this in a contest recently, and NO, it wasn't the booby prize! The lady said, "It's just so YOU." Everyone should have a bit of whimsy in their home. It makes you smile and gives your friends something about you to talk about! (laughing) If that is the worst thing they can say about you, you are truly a "gem."

My lovely bowl

If there is a fire in my home, this is one of the first things I'd try to get out after my Mac computers. It was purchased many years ago and I just love it. It's from Italy and I protect it with my life. Okay, okay, maybe not my life! But is one of the things that give me pleasure seeing and using. And it is used almost everyday. It is the blue bowl mentioned on "My Favorite Things." What are some of your favorite things?

My precious find

Okay, so I'm addicted! Just taking another break from my daily duties.....that's what I call my housework. I thought I'd share this little treasure with you. It was left behind in a building we bought about 15 years ago. I loved it and brought it home to refurbish. It's in our bedroom as a night stand. Painted a soft coat of white, I made "new" knobs out of some vintage wooden ones by painting them and decoupaging them with roses. I put fabric in the front panels and on the top and then had a piece of glass cut to protect the top. I would not part with this for anything. It is sooooo adorable. Hubby had to make a faux front on the lower drawer because it was missing, but the top drawer is painted "Pepto Bismol Pink" inside and hold essentials.

My style is........

Taking a break from chores to read some other blogs.
Wow! Are there some gorgeous things out there or what?!?!

Friends have asked me what my decorating style is. I'd have to say that it's a bit of this:
Roses and Pink
Some Vintage
Nostalgia and Reminiscence
It's all of those and probably more. Definitely my own style. Their mouth's literally hang open when visiting and viewing my home for the first time.

I make a lot of things in my home and hope to share with you here. I'm very visual and love seeing pictures. I'm sure there are some of you out there who love it also. So today, I'm sharing my dining area with you. Almost 2 years ago we scaled down from 5,000 s.f., 4 car garage home on an acre to 1,800 s.f., 3 car garage and a postage stamp yard. Love it. So we don't have a formal dining room as we did in the other house; we have a dining area off the kitchen. That's what happens when you get older. We wanted less to take care of!! Enjoy


Oh, and I hope you ALL know that by clicking on the pictures gives you a larger view. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?!?!

Country style?

The old kind of country isn't my favorite type of decorating, but the new style definitely is. Yellow and pink have always been a favorite color combination of mine. Maybe that's why I loved this country style room so much. Flowers, 2 kinds of checks, pink and yellow........yuuuummmm.......sweet, breezy curtains and BIRDHOUSES(!) It doesn't get much better, unless there was a dish of mocha fudge sitting on the table waiting for me! Hah.......

Nightime musings

Lying in bed last night and this morning, I kept thinking of things I wanted to post today. Is this becoming "compulsive" or what?! Yep, I've caught the "blogging fever."

I read on someone's blog a few days ago about her posting 3 times in one day. Gee, only 3 times?! I could probably post more than that. I'm loquacious even though I truly listen to and hear what people say.

The last few days have been a blur with trying to get this blog set up and running and with............well, let me tell a story here.........

Ya know, I love my hubby. I love all
men!! Truly. AND, there's not a "but" here, just an AND, yesterday he fussed around all day with his car battery: couldn't get it started, hooked up my car to try and charge it, didn't work, took it out and cleaned it up a bit, didn't work, tried to find his battery charger (still some things we can't find from our move 2 years ago) and couldn't find it, got it started with my car and me revving it up like I was a race car driver(!), then took it for a drive around the neighborhood to charge it and said it was fine. Now, all this time I'm telling him to just go buy a new battery. He kept telling me it'd be fine. So this morning I told him to try to start his car before he loaded his briefcase, computer, etc. into it. He says, "no, it'll be fine." I said, "humor me!" (By now you know where this is heading, right?!?!) Yep, went out to start it and it wouldn't start! He says, "I'm taking your car; mine won't start." Oh, really?!?! Question: Why didn't he just go to WM and buy a battery yesterday first thing and not have all this aggravation?!?! Is it really so like a man or what? I didn't say a word because I am not the "I told you so" type. And if you believe that you're smoking some wacky stuff!!!!! LOL

That was wednesday and thursday; last night we - NO, HE - went to the store and bought a new battery!! Wasted 2 days. Gotta love that man!! Yep, I sure DO!

Oh, yeah, we're a humorous, witty, funny family!! All of us.