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Sunday, November 22, 2009

For My Porch

I'm going to tease you a bit with this one, chicks! First, little snippets of what I just made before we come to the BIG image. Now don't go sneaking down to the bottom of the post. Shame on you; you peeked!!

It's very windy in our city today. Cold and sunny though. My house isn't a great one for taking photos so I did the best I could.

A trio of paper roses along with a feathered background and some little faux flowers.

An exquisite embroidered ribbon that I attached with 3 pearl tip pins.

An old sweater clip glued on along with 2 more paper roses, faux pearls wrapped around it and shimmery iridescent posies.

Another view. Are you catching the vision here or have you guessed what it is yet? :-)

I took this picture with the sun shining and it isn't showing the beauty of the wreath but...

...this one does!! I photographed this one on the little grape arbor we have on our back fence so it was in shadow. I love this feathery wreath. I made it for my front door. Squeeeeeeeeeeealllll!!!!!

And attached to my red front door! Looks even prettier on the door and in person.

A quick update on our son for those of you who read about his ordeal (read here) in April and are asking me about him frequently.

He had surgery 2 weeks ago and is doing much better with the pain in his leg. He still has blurred vision at times, still has ringing in his ears, but this surgery repaired his knee cap, which was severely injured when he was attacked. He can bear no weight on his leg for 2 weeks (this mean crutches) and cannot work for 3-6 months. So his boss is trying to find him a job that will keep him off of his feet. That's not easy for an RN. One of the gang is in jail, two are awaiting trial, one cannot be found and one is still not identified from the gas station tape. He is truly doing just fine though. For this I am truly grateful. We are so blessed!