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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My S**y Love Bunny!

I'm probably gonna get all kinds of lookers with that title but he is my s**y man!! Not bad for almost 70 years old, huh?!?!

Anyways, hubs is planting a star jasmine I got saturday while out spending money! I went to Greenhurst Nursery on Happy Valley Road (isn't that a cute name for a road and this nursery is absolutely outstanding!) and they were having a 50% off sale on the 2 things I wanted!!! Squeeeeeeeal.......I could NOT believe it. (I told you I am sooooo truly blessed I can hardly take it all in!) I got another star jasmine to "balance" out the patio and a bougainvillea for the front. My patio is soooooo pathetic looking right now with hubs' bicycle on it, more chairs than I need on that 10 x 10 patio and the grease drippings from the bbq. Oh, well, THE MAN is working on getting it beautiful!

Here he has it in the hole that took 2 days to dig because the dirt is so hard.

Here is the bougainvillea I got also. I love them and they remind me of Mexico and just so pretty to behold. I'm going to try this in this desert but it may not survive a harsh winter. I put it out front under an eave where it might get a bit of protection. Why do I say "I" because it's truly Love Bunny who does all this. I touch it, it dies, chickee! They can see me coming!

This was before he got it in the ground.

Is he cute or what?!?!?! Not bad for an old dude! He can bring down just about anyone that messes with him. He did several years ago in Calif. when he chased a guy out of our house and tackled him till police got there. You don't wanna mess with a Marine, my sweet cherubs!

Our apple tree in its 3rd year. We think all the apples have a bug in them. He did everything the nursery told him - pre-emergence but apparently didn't do it enough. Next time he WILL......... ;-)

Sorry about the blurry photo but that's our first cucumber! I'm so excited that our little pathetic garden is producing! Whoooooooo.........

You probably recognize this as a watermelon! Our first!

Now for the "good part"!!

I painted a little lid for a cute jar this morning and then started making some faux desserts. Yesssssssss, my little chuckling chickadees, I'm gonna do a giveaway in a new days!! Since I've won 2 absolutely astounding and beautiful giveaways today I have to give something back to someone. Here is the start of some faux pastries and little "cookie drops" or whatever you want to call them. I'll "ice" them tomorrow and add decorations and then alert you to the giveaway.

Oooooh, and that little bowl in the background holding my glue sticks??? Someone doesn't know it yet, but she'll be the recipient of that little bowl! I got it in California at an antique shop and just have to pack it up tonight and send it to this lovely sweet and shabby chick! ;-)