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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Had To Do One For Hubbbbbyyy!!!!

I'm not too sure he'd request this kind of lamp. :-) Actually, as long as it gives him light he doesn't care a bit what they look like. But I just had to make a matching one for hubby's side of the bed!!

I stripped everything off of this shade - rose petals, leaves, gimp, GLUE (broke a nail doing this one, chicks!), etc., but I saved the shade!! Hey, it's hard enough to find lamp shades in the sizes I need at a reasonable price. Don't fret; I'm keeping it also.

Okay, gotta tell ya this one.

I picked up my Love Bunny at the airport at 8:30 last night. We got home and I was wondering how long it would take him to notice the new curtains in the living room. (Even tried to make a bet with my ebay group, but had no takers!) While he was gone I made LR curtains, took down some in MBR and put up sheers, spray painted a little corner cupboard, plus a couple of other things not as "significant." So I wasn't going to say anything and I haven't except for one thing. I asked him if he noticed anything different in that area (his corner of the BR). He looked and said "what". I said "the cupboard." He said "what about it?" I said "I painted it white" - keeping a smile on my face instead of smacking him on the noodle! He said "what color was it before?" (DuuuUUUUhhhHHH!) I said "a kind of green, dark mustard tole painting on it." He said "what's that just under the knob." I said "a mistake; I'll fix it later."

Now I'm just wondering in what century he'll notice the new LR curtains and that the curtains are gone from the bedroom????? Hmmmmmmmmm????