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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Had To Do One For Hubbbbbyyy!!!!

I'm not too sure he'd request this kind of lamp. :-) Actually, as long as it gives him light he doesn't care a bit what they look like. But I just had to make a matching one for hubby's side of the bed!!

I stripped everything off of this shade - rose petals, leaves, gimp, GLUE (broke a nail doing this one, chicks!), etc., but I saved the shade!! Hey, it's hard enough to find lamp shades in the sizes I need at a reasonable price. Don't fret; I'm keeping it also.

Okay, gotta tell ya this one.

I picked up my Love Bunny at the airport at 8:30 last night. We got home and I was wondering how long it would take him to notice the new curtains in the living room. (Even tried to make a bet with my ebay group, but had no takers!) While he was gone I made LR curtains, took down some in MBR and put up sheers, spray painted a little corner cupboard, plus a couple of other things not as "significant." So I wasn't going to say anything and I haven't except for one thing. I asked him if he noticed anything different in that area (his corner of the BR). He looked and said "what". I said "the cupboard." He said "what about it?" I said "I painted it white" - keeping a smile on my face instead of smacking him on the noodle! He said "what color was it before?" (DuuuUUUUhhhHHH!) I said "a kind of green, dark mustard tole painting on it." He said "what's that just under the knob." I said "a mistake; I'll fix it later."

Now I'm just wondering in what century he'll notice the new LR curtains and that the curtains are gone from the bedroom????? Hmmmmmmmmm????


  1. Oh you don't know how lucky you are! My hubby would take one look at that foo-foo lamp and start pouting. LOL The only thing I can get away with is pink because he's color blind and thinks that pink is white. hehe

  2. Can you imagine the lack of design in our homes, if it were left to the men? LOL!! Tom's the same way, most times.

    He's gotten better since I've been in his life. He's been a part of our "decorating" our new house from the beginning...from the design and layout of it to it's finish (or what was finished).

    Now, 3 years later, we're re-decorating!! I told him it's an on-going process - it's NEVER truly DONE!!

    All looks beautiful Connie!!


  3. awesome ! I love it You are so crafty sweetie!..My hubby is so good about living in my shabby world!

  4. OHH men!!! Sometimes you could choke em!! You put your hard work into something and they dont notice!! Mine is the same, I repaibted a whole feature wall ne day and he never noticed!! MAN!! But I guess that's a good thing means I can do more to the house and he wont notice!! Hmm bet he does when I dont want him to!!
    have a great weekend!!

  5. men!! hehehehe.. but still you are lucky to have a hubby who still loves you and your pink and the roses too!.. hehehehe

  6. Hi Connie!
    You can't REALLY expect a man to notice something, walk, AND talk all at the same time. It's just not in their make up. LOL
    Patricia :o)

  7. Oh! And BTW...VERY cute lamp!
    Patricia :o)

  8. Men! - Lol...They are happy in a cave....

    The lampshade looks so sweet!

  9. Too funny!!! We are so lucky to have these laid back hubbys of ours!!! Mine is the same but I know of those who have to ask to change anything in their decor.. heaven forbid.. I would be in TROUBLE... I cannot even leave my blog design alone for one day!!
    I am moving out your way..well sorta... one day we are gonna have to meet up!!! You are a wonderful sprinkle of sunshine!!!
    Love that lamp.. show us the cupboard!!

  10. Oh my COnnie! I cannot believe how much you have gotten done in the last few days! Your Living room looks beautiful and if hubby doesnt notice things it just frees you up to do as you please with your decorating:>) Guys really just dont get it when it comes to decorating, but you can bet that if he doesnt notice the details he notices the overall beauty and comfort of your home.

  11. Cute lamp! Those guys never know what we'll do next, so my hubby doesn't notice much either. He says I do too many things to notice! But the nice thing, he leaves the decorating to me, no man room. Gotta love them.

    Smiles, Christine

  12. Connie, men, gotta love them!! My dh asks about something very old and never notices the new stuff! LOL!! Thankfully he loves all our decor though~~roses and all. Your lamps are way to adorable. You are so talented!
    hugs, Celestina
    la rea rose

  13. pretty lamp! my girls would love it! My husband never notices anything until he sees it on the blog half of the time ;) Jen R

  14. Hilarious, they are all the same,all over the world!!!! Rachaelxo

  15. Connie, Gotta love the lamp! I must do something with my boring ones!!! Lori

  16. Oh Connie I love the lamp shade, how sweet it is. And the curtains are great too. Now if it were my husband he would have noticed right away. Only because I am always rearranging things any way. I even changed my kitchen cupboards. Poor guy could not fine the glasses for month. lol;
    Any way some day he will notice.


  17. Hi Connie - great story! I do the same quick transformations when my hubby is out of the country too - (he's just got back from the States again this week)- glad to hear its not just mine that doesn't notice what I do!!
    Love what you did to the pretty lampshade.
    Keep up the good work - I'm sure he'll notice one day!

  18. Sounds like my, I really think YOURS wins the prize here!

    Love that new lamp shade, very soft & romantic. Too bad you are mad at Jack....

    Angelic Accents


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