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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do Ya Wanna See My Pink Pompoms

I'm sure I just alerted the p***erts on the web with my title to this. Sigh..........

But anyway, remember when we were young and took kleenex tissues and made roses out of them by folding them like an accordion and using our bobby-pins to hook them in our hair?? Well, look what I made today from pink tissue paper. These are really large and I'm going to hang them in my office—from the ceiling. I sure hope Love Bunny doesn't crash into them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you can see the scotch tape and yeah, I did tear them a bit but the tape will be lost in the flower. It looks like a dahlia. Truly it does. I'm making several of these. They are so easy!

I asked hubs to take a picture of my "pompoms" and he agreed. See how big they are!

I aimed the camera at the very top looking down so you can see how it really does look like a flower.

Only gotta make 4 more. :-)