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Monday, November 30, 2009

Bedrooms 11/30/09

Let's look at some lovely bedrooms today since it's a holiday weekend.

Isn't this lovely in its English countryside feel? What a joy to see that old trellis used in such a way.

A tad formal in its elegance this bedroom could be home to a courtly gentleman or a ranch out in the west.

A lover of plants must live here, but for me, it would have to be faux plants as I kill just about anything I try to water.

An English author resides in this bedroom. Very simplistic.

A retired ballerina resides here and even has a barre with which to practice on every day. Lovely...and not at all "put together" by an interior designer. The owner's taste definitely shows through in this room.

I love this look but my ceilings aren't tall enough to establish the look. My bed, however, looks very much like the bed...sans the poster frame.

Since we lived in the San Francisco Bay area, this scene is very reminiscent of our home there. Rain on the windows and plants just outside the door are a very common scene for that area.