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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Change, a Tote and Cupcakes

I saw these on a blog of the winner of one of my aprons and just loved the fanciness of these. Are they not among the prettiest, fanciest and yummiest cupcakes you've ever seen? They're from Henri Bendel in NYC. Just thought you'd love to see them.

I cut some hydrangeas from one of our plants in the front porch garden area and brought them in. They were pretty dry but still had color so I had hubs pull down from the plant shelf in the living room the urn with the arrangement I made last year with all the things bloggers and my eBay group had given me so I could put the 4 branches of the hydrangeas into it. Snapped some photos to show you. I like how it turned out. A bit of green in there. Maybe I'll get some artificial ones for it.


Blogging gives me 2 pleasures: writing and photography. I'm not very good at either one, but it allows me to keep my grammar skills up and to practice photographing things. Some are bad shots and some are better than I anticipate, but it's all practice. So hang in there all you bloggers who are like me and trying to perfect those skills. These photos will attest to that!

So with that being said, I'm giving away this tote. After all I did to make it, it just didn't work for me. I'll make another one with a zipper since I'm very concerned—okay, so I'm OCD—about safety and not losing my phone or iPod. So simply leave a comment here and you are entered for the giveaway. I don't make it hard for you at all.


Now, I've told you hubs and I are silly sometimes. So we're sitting around talking and I wondered out loud if they stitch your mouth together when you die and are put in a casket. He looks at me and said, "With $8,000 worth of dental work for the past few months I'd better see a smile on your face showing those gorgeous teeth." He's such a card. ;-)