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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feelings On a Wintry Day

Sitting in my home the other day I was peering out the window and patio door as I was feeling sorry for myself. (No, don't you feel sorry for me; I do quite a good job at it by myself and don't need you to waste the energy! I'd rather do it myself.) Anyway, I watched my 3 aspen trees denude themselves and remembered a day many years ago doing the same thing—different house, different town. I just sat there that day watching a very small catalpa tree drop every single leaf in the span of a couple of hours. It just amazed me because I'd never taken the time to do that when we lived in California. I was too busy working, raising kids, keeping house, being a wife and those things we do while younger. Those falling leaves were like an eye opener to the wonders that await us when we don't let busyness distract us. I truly felt peace this day. Some of my gauzy jejeune recollections hit me at the strangest times lately.

Then I looked out over the back fence and saw the roof of the home behind us. It reminded me of England and Ireland or even France somewhat. Mist and frost on the roof beginning our cold season here. It simply mesmerized me for several minutes so I quickly grabbed the camera and flicked away.

This was the actual temperature outside that day and I was barefoot. It felt good to have my feet a bit cold. It also looks like I need to power wash the house and patio!

I took these plates off a shelf next to the new cabinet I painted white and shabby-ed up. Hubby was going to lower it a few inches and I didn't want these old plates to get knocked off. And I thought I'd photograph them to show you how lovely they are.

This is one of my favorites plates: pink and roses!

And our granddaughter Mandy and her daughter Miss Caroline—the best eye candy of all for me. Those are baby eyeglasses sized for their sweet little faces and have a strap to hold them on. Mandy says she loves having them on and doesn't try to take them off. I think she thinks she's a diva!

And a funny photo of Miss Caroline's great grandparents—me and th' hubs—about 25 years ago visiting relatives back east. Would ya look at all that hair...on both of us! Him, not so much; me, just the same but a bit grayer. ;-) And that man still fills out a pair of jeans the best of any man I've seen!

And my many thanks to our Veterans this day. You've all stolen my heart for your sacrifice for me, my family and my country. Those of you who have lost loved ones defending this country need have no fear of where they'll go. No man has such love as to lay down his life for his country or fellow man or woman. I salute all them and our brave soldiers and troops fighting for our freedom. This family loves you beyond measure!