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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gotta Do It

Okay, chicks, it's getting to where I had to bring the ol' exercise machine into the house. I was too lazy to go outside to the garage to work with it. Love Bunny brought it in about 2 weeks ago and took the red bench out to the front porch again. Sheeesh, will I ever stop moving furniture around in this house? I haven't even finished the family room "put back together" yet and am working on making some aprons for a class I'm giving in church (can this be called "service"?) and haven't even cleaned the toilets this week.

This is our first real harvest from the pear tree we planted 3 years ago. You understand I'm showing you the "good sides" of the pears, right? Hubs still hasn't gotten the hang of being a "gentleman farmer" yet.

The other thing I want to mention is that I'm almost to 700 blog posts. Only about 2 or so to go so you might want to keep up with me for a giveaway. I'll be sure and let you know when and what you have to do so stay tuned for that announcement. I also hope to get some sweet bloggers to announce it. It will be worth it I think. :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Out With The Old and In With The New.....

I've been experiencing a bit of a lag with my old Kenmore sewing machine but perhaps the reason is that I bought it in 1967 in 29 Palms, Calif. Yeah, it truly is that old. I've used it for making my kids' clothes and dresses, pillows, curtains and mending all those years.

I remember once I was trying to make a wool blackwatch plaid shirt for Love Bunny and I got so frustrated I threw it in the garbage. (Or maybe HE did; can't remember.) I was a young housewife and mother and just was trying to be a model homemaker! Didn't work; I thought I was hopeless. But hubs fished it out of the garbage and finished the shirt himself. He's a handy kinda guy, really, even in the domestic arts.

Anyway, this is the machine and I'm not giving it up yet, but I did go purchase a new Kenmore. All plastic. The old one is metal all over and heavy. I've replaced the motor, the tab that makes it go in reverse, but some things are just no longer available and I can feel it struggling every time I sew on it now.

This is the new machine—computerized and about 50 different stitches. It's very nice, runs smoothly but it's all plastic. I doubt I'll use it for 42 more years because I'm not going to last that long, but it'll be nice to use it when I get accustomed to its features and the "feel" of it.

Isn't it nice looking? This one was $280.00 and I'm sure the old one didn't even come close to that because at that time we couldn't have afforded $300.00 except maybe for a car. That was a chunk of money back then. But it was affordable and I loved it.

I sure am going to miss not sewing on it all the time, but I'll get used to the new one. *Sniff*..........

This is one of the things I've been working on lately. Just a peek for you chicks!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Darling Aprons for Pink Saturday 9/26/09

Pink Saturday is once again here thanks to Beverly of HowSweetTheSound so go and view the other participants and get your fill of PINK, chicks!

I've finally finished the aprons I cut out and made into various stages of apron making for the church activity we had a week ago. It has taken me about 2 weeks to get all of them done, but they will be for sale if anyone is interested. Just email me from my sidebar. I make them in colors I love because if they don't sell then I get to keep them and I'll have no aprons—or anything, for that matter—in my home that isn't pleasing to my eye and in a color I love. I plan on making some more and have cut out about 8 to list in a couple of weeks. I think you'll enjoy looking at them. Truthfully, I've sold every apron that I've made so far or I have given them away as gifts or giveaways. One of these aprons will be given away very soon so you might want to stay in touch.

This one is special because every time I see cherries I am reminded of my friend Dolly and Miss Emma. Truthfully!! This is a vintage fabric that I am almost out of and doubt if I have enough for another apron top but we'll see how I can incorporate it onto another "cherry" apron. A piece of vintage crochet is attached to the front with more trim at the middle with candy cane stripe for its ties. A ladybug button is on there also because I thought it was appropriate for the cherry apron. Notice also the pocket and ruffle are roses and the bottom half is pink polka dots. Every single apron I make will have roses on it in some way.

This is a bit french country with its checks and roosters. The top is black and white plaid with red rick rack and the ruffle, neck strap and ties are polka dots also. Roses make up the pocket and buttons and ribbon roses are on here also. I also use decorative stitching on a lot of the pockets.

Blue Waverly fabric on bottom and a sweet roses print is the top. A vintage doily makes up the large pocket. There are a couple of dark spots on the doily should you be interested in buying it so if that bothers you then you are invited to pass it up. For the most part, all vintage things have something "wrong" with them and it just adds to the appeal for me. The ruffle is a Daisy Kingdom print. Neck strap and ties are roses prints.

Simply polka dots in red, pink and white. Roses trim adorn the middle. Pocket is a beautiful paisley roses. Almost Cath Kidston in its print but it isn't hers. Alas, I wish we could get her fabric here in a store instead of sending all the way to Great Britain for it. Sigh...

This one is stunning but I assure you it can be washed should the need arise. I make them beautiful but I also make them for the function they are intended: using in the kitchen to keep my clothes spotless! Let's face it: I'm a slob when it comes to cooking. This one has very high-end fabrics on it and if someone can't bring themselves to wear it to cook in, then it's absolutely gorgeous hanging on a peg in the kitchen. Roses, polka dots, ribbon embroidered fabric, rose trim and ribbon roses scattered all over it and topped off with an organza bow.

Again, I love this paisley fabric—which I scooped up in California several years ago and it is flannel! A very high end flannel and stunning. Bottom is a pink and white stripe with gathered ribbon across the front and a pink ribbon rose. The top I simply sewed on some cord I was going to throw away and added a cute "diamond" button. Darling! Ruffle is polka dots. I just love polka dots!! You can tell, right?!

Why is it that pink roses on black brings images of the french country side to me? Although it isn't especially "french country" it does remind me of France. Polka dots and vintage ecru lace across the middle and pink polka dots make up the ruffle with a pretty paisley pink pocket. Wide white rick rack and ribbon roses across the top.

I love this old fabric and decided to just make one that was one complete fabric on top and bottom. I then added the tiny rosebud pocket and a tone-on-tone white ruffle. It may be "plainer" than the rest but it still really cute. The neck strap and ties are another fabric however.

Yep, more roses but with a lot of green and a red and white check for the bottom. Wide rick rack. A little orange button in the shape of a ladies purse is on the middle just for fun. I love throwing in unexpected things on the aprons and that button just screamed to go on it because it is so totally different in its orange-yness. ;-)

Stripes for this one in a beautiful sort of ticking stripe of roses. Pink and white checks and a ribbon trim. Ruffle is another roses fabric and the neck strap and ties are polka dots.

I'm calling these "scraprons" as in "scrap aprons" —pronounced "scrape rons" or long A—because mostly these are made from scraps left over and I just couldn't figure out what to do with them until I decided to just put these together. I hope you enjoyed viewing them. There are more to come in the coming weeks.

Random Thought:

Why is it people will answer a question with an explanation instead of a "yes" or "no"? This happens with Love Bunny all the time. I'll ask him something and he'll think I'm "questioning" him in some way so he defends it when all I wanted was a "yes" or "no"! Hmmmm...very strange to me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Face A Mother AND Dave Could Love

Introducing Stacey—mom extraordinaire, photographer extraordinaire and apron maker extraordinaire. She's a sweet little chick in our ward who just tried her hand at making an old fashioned apron with some retro-type fabric. Notice the Marilyn Monroe bodice. I think she did a fantastic job on it: big bows, a headband, plunging neckline with some sassy lime lace to match the fabric. And yep this brave little chick wore this to church today—all 3 hours. Very brave and chic of her. You go, girl!! She plans on making cinnamon rolls this winter with her new apron. I'm thrilled that she caught the "Apron Vision"! Hah.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Rhondi's Fall Party 9/22/09

Rhondi of RoseColoredGlasses is have a fall party. Visit with her to see the other participants.

As I've stated before I am not much for the colors of fall but it is a season I love because of the crispness in the air and the smells of baking that people usually do that time of year in anticipation of the holidays. Candy!!!! My favorite season is winter because I love the "snugginess" of it, and while I love snow I do NOT like to drive in it and pretty much don't unless there is an emergency. Sitting with a cup of hot chocolate while the first snow of the season drops down from the heavens is my idea of heaven. I just love that feeling one gets when viewing the outside world so silent.

So here is my contribution in photos for Rhondi's Party:

Oh, and I love ironing this time of year also. Cool and crisp. The photo is not my home but I have a tablecloth exactly like the one on the ironing board. Gasp!

And this is what I've been doing today. Five aprons have been completed and are hanging in my kitchen area. Five more need finishing and I've cut out 6 or 7 more to sew. I'll be showing them in detail later but I need a model and Love Bunny is a bit hesitant to model them all so I'll have to wait until I can con....uhhhh, I mean ask politely....a chick in our ward to come over and model them for me. I just love this time of year! Plus I just may sell some of them and they are truly adorable. I'm calling them "Scraprons" because they are made from scraps I've had around the house.

Random Thought:

If I put the underwear in the washing machine with the right side out, it comes out wrong side out. So should I not turn it right side out before putting it in the machine and let the machine do the work for me???? Just a thought.....

Never Go to a Ward Camp Out!

Since some of you might have missed this post I'm going to add it a few times to the beginning of some of my posts so I can get the word out. If any of you want to publicize this fact then be my guest in using these instructions or sending bloggers here to learn how to do this. I would love to be able to answer questions bloggers ask me by just clicking on their emails and returning it.

Okay, he did it again! As I've said he is always trying to get me to love camping and trying to drag me into the wilds of Idaho, but I wasn't tricked this time, chicks. Yep, here's the story this time.

Our church ward was having a camp out. Instructions were given and it was a place over in Oregon just a short (is it ever short?) ways from our town. I had a set of instructions given to me in church on this particular sunday for the camp out the following friday night to return saturday. Love Bunny went on ahead of me, called me from his cell phone and told me what exit to take on the freeway. Got it and away I went later in the afternoon.

I finally got everything done I wanted to do and set out. I got off the freeway, followed all the instructions explicitly and that was no easy task as the roads went on and on and on until the next to final turn off. The instructions said to go 3.6 miles and turn turn on a road to the reservoir. At 3.6 miles there was a huge corn field and no road. I went a bit further since not all car odometers read the same. At 5.1 miles I figured "that's it"! I tried getting hubs on the cell but of course there was no service out in the middle of nowhere. I turned around until I got cell service but couldn't get through to him. Noooooo, there were absolutely no houses around there that I would want to stop at or even feel safe stopping to ask for directions. Sooooo, I went home. BUT when I got to one turn off to retrace my steps I realized where I was and it was just a little bit down the road from our town. Yes! They have me go 30 minutes and several miles out of the way. I could have been there in 1/2 the time had I known to use a road just down the street from us about 4 miles. I was royally miffed. I was concerned that hubs would wonder what happened to me because I told him I'd be there in the afternoon.

Well, when he came home I jumped on him immediately and asked him did he realize the instructions took us way out of the way coming from where we were. He said yep. But he also said if I had gone a bit further and turned left I would have come to the spot (not 3.6 but more than 5 miles!) and then I would have been really confused because where they said to "turn left" should have been "turn right." Turning left would have put me in a canyon with no place to turn around. I told him that is the absolute last ward camp out I go to......uhhhh, well, attempt to go to. No more. That's it. Don't people check directions before sending a church group out to get lost in the wilds? Apparently NOT.

Oh, and he wasn't concerned because he said I was rather sketchy about coming out in the first place. Sigh.............

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

I received a very surprise present from Lorena of RoseChicFriends the other day and was literally astounded by something I had mentioned that I wanted. This is a very creative woman who listens with her heart. She also does fantastic roses and is very talented in lots of other endeavors. I just love this lady! Though going through some trials of her own lately, she takes the time out to do something like this: painting a little tool box for ME! She is an exceptional chick.

Not only the tool box but a hand painted hanging ornament, a fruity tea light and some of her beautiful clay roses. You really need to check her out or get in touch with her so she can make you some special order clay roses for embellishing your crafts.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Desserts for Pink Saturday 9/19/09

Okay, big news in our household. Our granddaughter is going to have a baby so in May next year we'll be great-grandparents!! We're so happy and excited. It's been 9 years since she got married. Squeeeeeallllll!!!!

Go visit Beverly at HowSweetTheSound for all the Pink Saturday participants. You'll love the things you see because they are for the most part PINK!

Hubs and I have been cleaning out lots of junk we just are not going to need anymore. I have dozens of books I'm going to give to the thrift store but while I was sorting I thought I'd share this dessert book I bought about 10 or so years ago.

Now, I want you to look at these desserts realizing that every single thing on the plate is edible. The only thing you couldn't consume is the plate. I have 27 of them here for you to view. Just be amazed along with me that every single thing is edible. I'll comment on a few. Pass the chocolate please!

Chocolate fantasy, right? Ohmygosh! All edible.

The fans are chocolate.

The clowns hair is spun sugar.

Spun sugar again.

More spun sugar. Listen, I've tried this spun sugar on a couple of "designer desserts" and it is NOT easy to do. Imagine doing it on all these desserts.

The roses, hat and hat band are all edible. Gorgeous!!

Clown hair—edible.

How darling and creative to make a stove that you can eat and not have to cook on. The squares are edible and the whole stove and pots on it also.

My kind of Christmas tree—CHOCOLATE! Snow, snowman, stick, tree, fence and snow are all edible.

Dare ya to make this Halloween dessert! Fire, cauldron and bubbling mixture—all edible.

You can even eat her antennae, legs and chocolate drops on the plate.

Anyone for an artistic flair dessert? Eat the paint and the brushes.

Basket of fruit. Eat the basket along with the "fruit" and leaves on the fruit.

Eat the coconut shell and the "coconut" inside.

Here you can even eat the rind and seeds.

Chocolate cups for your dessert. Eat them also.

These are made with real cherries so the only thing you cannot eat are the stems. They're the real thing. Everything else is edible. This is adventurous even for the chef! Branches are chocolate formed into branches.

I think this is my favorite. It is not easy to make, but worth the effort. Gorgeous! All can be eaten—even the flowers and bow.

Having done spun sugar I can testify to how hard this must have been to make.

This is exquisite but I'd never even attempt it.
Okay, my sweet chicks, hope you enjoyed your venture into the land of the sweets today. I can assure you these are not to be made by the faint of heart. They are intricate and very, very involved in making each of these and there were even more in the book. You would have to have much patience and a high level of skill to even try an attempt at making any one of these. Lots of work and practice. Enjoy.