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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rhondi's Fall Party 9/22/09

Rhondi of RoseColoredGlasses is have a fall party. Visit with her to see the other participants.

As I've stated before I am not much for the colors of fall but it is a season I love because of the crispness in the air and the smells of baking that people usually do that time of year in anticipation of the holidays. Candy!!!! My favorite season is winter because I love the "snugginess" of it, and while I love snow I do NOT like to drive in it and pretty much don't unless there is an emergency. Sitting with a cup of hot chocolate while the first snow of the season drops down from the heavens is my idea of heaven. I just love that feeling one gets when viewing the outside world so silent.

So here is my contribution in photos for Rhondi's Party:

Oh, and I love ironing this time of year also. Cool and crisp. The photo is not my home but I have a tablecloth exactly like the one on the ironing board. Gasp!

And this is what I've been doing today. Five aprons have been completed and are hanging in my kitchen area. Five more need finishing and I've cut out 6 or 7 more to sew. I'll be showing them in detail later but I need a model and Love Bunny is a bit hesitant to model them all so I'll have to wait until I can con....uhhhh, I mean ask politely....a chick in our ward to come over and model them for me. I just love this time of year! Plus I just may sell some of them and they are truly adorable. I'm calling them "Scraprons" because they are made from scraps I've had around the house.

Random Thought:

If I put the underwear in the washing machine with the right side out, it comes out wrong side out. So should I not turn it right side out before putting it in the machine and let the machine do the work for me???? Just a thought.....


  1. Happy Fall Connie,I LOVE the same things as you the first snowfall.Cozying up for Fall baking the crispness of the air.Your aprons are so adorable I love the rooster on and the one with the ivory trim and pink roses with black bakground.Hugs,Jen

  2. Great post! Makes me hungry!
    And I loved the photo of the vintage cloths and that big old sink! That makes me think of my childhood!
    And I LOVE your aprons! So pretty! Very, very talented! Kudos!

    (Cute comment about the underwear too!)
    All the best,

  3. Woman you are a trip! And now I know how the phrase "trip" came about in describing someone. I call you a trip because when I read your posts I fall down laughing. Sweet, sweet aprons and I'll just let the undie thing go for now as I'm doing laundry already and forgot to check the order in which it went in :) lol

  4. Hi Connie
    I'm not much for fall colors either. I love your choice of photos. Who can go wrong with food? The aprons you made are adorable! Thanks for being a sweetie and joining the party.
    hugs, Rhondi

  5. Your random thought made sense to me. I would try a matter of fact...I think I will! YOU be smart!! :)

    Not everyone is into Fall colors! I mean they don't exactly go with pink! :)

  6. Hi Connieness! Happy Fall to you! I love all of your fallen photos and those aprons! They're adorable! You're very good. I'll be waiting until the model comes! :)
    I'm laughing about your underwear comment! That's too funny! Maybe you have a tiny little underwear fairy in your dryer playing a trick on you!:)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. GM Connie...girl I love all those aprons your making...and the candy YUM!! just what I don't need but Yum anyway...and girl you still iron?? thats a blast from the past...but wait I do iron my linens and napkins does that count...May you have a great day you silly thing...How your daughter and son doing my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Stopping by from the fall party. I love your aprons...they are so pretty! Showing those candy pictures has now made me hungry...YUM!

  9. I'll have a taste of each..and i love your aprons.. you do great work chickee.:)

  10. Oh...I got so hungry looking at the pictures. And all those goodies! I now have to go get a carrot! (Since I'm being such a good girl!)

    Happy fall Connie!

  11. Hi Connie -- ACK you are a temptress! Just what I need late afternoon .. pictures of food, glorious food! :-P

    Those aprons are so sweet. I love the name of them... my Mom used to make afghans out of scraps of yarn that she called "Scrapgans."

    Lovely post
    PS The undie thing doesn't work. I've tried it.

  12. Hi, Connie girl..first of all, winter is MY favorite, too...for so many reasons. I JUST LOVE IT!!

    Oh, my...your aprons are just beautiful! You have so much talent!!
    xo bj

  13. Hi Connie,

    You have described it perfectly! The crispness in the air in fall, and the smell of cookies, or pie in the oven. In winter, the coziness, and snugliness. I love to watch the snow falling softly outside, and sometimes I like to walk in it at night. So, peaceful,quiet, when the snow falls softly from the heavens.
    That is heaven! :)


  14. Hi Connie, Happy Fall! I love this time of year! This is the only time of the year that I like the colors of rust, orange, brown and yellow. Deserts look so yummy! I love your aprons, but especially love the pic of the old sink, ironing board and wicker basket!
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  15. Hi Connie ~
    I love your pics ! Those aprons are darling ! I love to sew too !
    Nice to meet you !

  16. I think your scrap aprons are great! Thanks so much for helping out with Enriching U this past Saturday! I think you really gave a couple of those girls the confidence to want to try again and that sewing can be fun!

    Hey, did you see your "new" iron on your front porch?


  17. Hi Connie, wow, those desserts are so yummy looking. Love all your pics.

    Happy fall!!!

    Barb :-)

  18. Love the aprons! Let us know when you put some up for sale!

  19. Wow what yummy stuff! Great post! Happy Fall :-)


  20. Connie dearie.. wow.. you made beautiful aprons! I really love them all! and all the photos on this post just lovely!.. have a great week! I am still on vacation.. hehehe


  21. OHMYGOSH Connie! Those aprons are adorable!! I betcha one's a better cook just wearing them, too! ;-)

  22. I love these aprons, I do hope you will have someone model them so we can get the full effect:>) I see a red one in there that I love, and oooh a black check would I decide which is my favorite?

  23. Connie
    Do you have any aprons with bibs you'll sell in shades of pinks and creams? Be cute to wear when I cut the wedding cake. I would need it by the week of Nov. 14th. Let me know, Lori


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