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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Donuts and Pastries

Since I'm depriving myself of my favorite things in the world at this time, I thought it would be an appropriate post since I can at least look at them and drool. I truly have not eaten any sweets in about 5-6 weeks now. I'm not really feeling a strong desire as the diet is first and foremost on my mind. 

My favorite things are pastries in the sweets department. I absolutely love coconut cream pie, apple pie, chocolate silk pie, chocolate covered donuts, cinnamon-sugar donuts, coconut donuts, cinnamon buns, pecan buns and glazed donuts. I could live on them, actually. But I'm being noble and good at the moment. I'll see tomorrow how much weight I've lost so far.

When I was pregnant with my daughter many years ago, we lived in Oceanside, California, in a small motel studio apartment for a month. I sat there watching television and walking to the local Von's store for donuts. I'd get a coconut, chocolate, and a cinnamon donut and walk back to the motel and eat them all. Next day, same thing. I was so bored until we finally got our USMC base housing but I've always loved those 3 donuts above all else. The love is still there but I don't indulge very often anymore at my age. ;-) Enjoy the visuals, girls!


Double yummmmm....

These look yummy also.

I think coconut ones are my favorite.

I've had cinnamon rolls made by a woman that were so sweet and gooey they actually gave me terrible heartburn and had to stop eating her rolls.

Apple and cherry pastries are high on my list.

The best glazed donuts I've ever eaten at Krispy Kreme, but only the glazed. The others are horrid by my standards and I won't buy them, just the glazed.


Another yummmm....

I could also go for these in a big way.

And these little cookie bites.

I saw this on Google and thought how moist it looked, kind of caramel looking but I'd sure love to taste it.

The donut shop that did this one sure knows how to top chocolate on it!

These cinnamon rolls look great also

And these little mini-pastries look like they'd be wonderful.